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Nov 12th 2011 at 6:05:15 AM •••

Pulled from the Wham Episode example. Only Episodes 11 and 12 have so far altered the status quo radically. Just because a reveal has been made doesn't count it as a Wham Episode.

  • Episode 14 Yuri is revealed to be a lesbian and has a secret about her body. She is also in love with Momoka, her childhood friend, as she was the only one who knew her secret and still considered her beautiful. Oh... and she's so desperate that she also drugs and attempts to rape Momoka's sister Ringo, who reminds her of Momoka!
  • Episode 15. Yuri is revealed to have been physically and possibly sexually abused by her Mad Artist father, and Momoka demonstrates what appears to be bona fide Reality Warping powers.
  • Episode 17. Tabuki's Hidden Depths (including the Parental Neglect he was subjected to as well as his stay at the Child Broiler space) are fully revealed. It's NOT pretty. Specially after he puts Himari in a Death Trap to punish the Takakura family.
  • One could argue every episode after episode 9 can be considered a WHAM episode.

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Oct 19th 2011 at 7:31:46 AM •••

Under Shiptease: "Episode 12 basically makes canon the pairing between Kanba and... it's hard to tell. Both Himari and the Princess Of The Crystal might be his target. in any case, Himari/The Princess's "goodbye" to him? Full of sexual innuendo, starting with the Princess acting like a textbook Defrosting Ice Queen through Himari and towards him, and later being pretty much naked in front of him."

Sounds like speculation to me. They didn't kiss, they didn't exchange words of love, they did nothing except Kanba hugged the Princess while she tried to do whatever she does with Kanba's inner jewel thing (scropio whatsit, I forget how they refer to it in the show). I feel like it should be removed or moved to the YMMV page. I don't see any real evidence. Maybe getting naked is a necessity for the process. Whatever it is, I hardly think that scene makes the pairing canon.

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Aug 29th 2011 at 9:59:29 PM ••• it some new policy to move works that would never have title conflicts away from the mainspace?

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Sep 9th 2011 at 11:46:59 PM •••

Refer to this thread. All works are to be moved to their proper namespaces.

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