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\\\"As part of her PR job, Katniss is sent to a hospital in District 8 to mingle. Snow gets wind of this.
\\\'\\\'\\\'You\\\'d Expect:\\\'\\\'\\\' Since he wants Katniss dead, he would send ground troops to take her out.
\\\'\\\'\\\'Instead:\\\'\\\'\\\' Per his earlier edict that any association with the Mockingjay is a death sentence, he has the entire hospital bombed. Not only does this fail to kill Katniss, since she\\\'s left by then and they are warned of the bombing, but only gives her good PR and makes District 8 that much more willing to revolt. Indeed, this entire incident is basically the straw that broke the camel\\\'s back. For a Capital that understands that \\\"Bread and Circuses\\\" is the best way to placate the masses, killing a bunch of perceived innocents had no positive outcome whatsoever. \\\"

# Capitol\\\'s bombers would also be capable of taking out the team.
# MakeAnExampleOfThem. Anything but mentioned word-for-word by Snow -- even though such tactics never were that effective...

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