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Okay, concerning the whole \
Okay, concerning the whole \\\"warning about homosexual pairings\\\" thing, I just want to say that the word homosexual was most likely just thrown in as an example. Also, what constitutes a \\\"[[{{Squick}} warning]]\\\" to some may be an [[FetishFuel invitation]] to others. Plus, it\\\'s usually presumed that the given characters in a cast are heterosexual unless [[AmbiguousGay otherwise]] [[WordOfGay stated]], so the assumption would most likely be that a shipping will be het.

As for what counts as \\\"non-canon examples,\\\" it\\\'s mostly a relative term. Granted, a fanfiction is technically \\\'non-canon\\\' in itself (otherwise it wouldn\\\'t be written, right?), but some are more faithful to the canonical guidelines, so to speak, than others. \\\'Non-canon\\\' would probably include {{Shipping}}s of [[ShipsThatPassInTheNight characters who\\\'ve never even met each other]], {{CrackFic}}, and \\\'\\\'major\\\'\\\' OOC.

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