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\\\"but our culture overwhelmingly encourages men to be oversexed and to see women as sexual objects, not the other way around, so women are still more likely to be victims than perpetrators of these crimes.\\\"

And in general, your whole attitude is incredibly [[{{SuspiciouslySpecificDenial}} defensive]] of the whole Feminist movement, regardless of how it is being handled, which, in a lot of cases, there are some valid criticisms. Which you think are apparently, [[{{StrawMan}} full of crap]] for some reason. Your abuse of the StrawMan can definitely be seen, whenever anybody has a complaint about Feminism you fall back on the StrawMan argument, effectively making your own [[{{Hypocrite}} Straw Man.]]

The biggest difference is here, is that you said this:

\\\"Of course that doesn\\\'t mean the patriarchal culture doesn\\\'t hurt men too\\\"

Which is exactly that kind of baloney I was talking about. If anything, in today\\\'s society, men DO have it worse.

Beyond that, as far as I have ever heard ANY Feminist ever mention the word \\\"Patriarchy\\\" it is only ever in the context of a \\\"Secretive Villainous group with an Evil Plan\\\" with the \\\'Villainous group\\\' being just about every male politician, ceo, media figure, or other powerful figure, and the \\\'Evil Plan\\\' being to keep women as insignificant as possible. That\\\'s right, they think these male authority figures are all working in tandem to \\\'Keep them down\\\' and that is why they refer to it as \\\"The Patriachy\\\" because it\\\'s really just code for \\\"The Conspiracy\\\" - \\\'To keep us women down.\\\'

And, Straw man has a point? That is laughable, the whole idea of \\\"Kicking the Patriarchy in the crotch\\\" is the radical feminist idea of destroying a conspiracy that doesn\\\'t even exist. And it has absolutely \\\'\\\'nothing\\\'\\\' to do with \\\"Equal Rights.\\\"

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