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10th Jan, 2019 07:42:30 AM

Agreed, the Comics Code is all about Think of the Children!... Anti-violence and sex, and pro-morality.

I could interpret that statement as "The people of the CCA would not approve such a thing", instead of "The Comics Code doesn't allow such a thing".

Edited by Malady
10th Jan, 2019 08:09:32 AM

Yeah, i would remove that.

10th Jan, 2019 08:53:03 AM

Characters like Luke Cage and Black Panther had comics during the CCA days.

10th Jan, 2019 12:12:31 PM

Thanks, that's what I thought. I removed this part.

10th Jan, 2019 02:14:05 PM

There was a famous incident when EC Comics were told to change the race of a black lead character because"You can't have a negro". This was likely a reference to that, though it was never a formal rule and is the only such incident I could find.