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19th Dec, 2016 02:42:09 AM

Dead links should be removed or replaced with working links, obviously.

But if the example is just the link, we have another problem: Weblinks Are Not Examples. So if you can add context to explain what happens in the comic pointed to, do so. Otherwise the example has to go.

Edited by GnomeTitan
19th Dec, 2016 03:15:08 AM

Do we link to Its not really feasible to read a webcomic that way due to long loading times. It would also take considerable work to find the page in question if the link isnt accurate. As is the case with Those Destined.

Fighteer MOD
19th Dec, 2016 05:03:21 AM

Nope. Don't link to, just remove the example if you can't elaborate on it.


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