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Fighteer Geronimo! from the Time Vortex Relationship Status: Dancing with Captain Jack Harkness
Oct 11th 2011 at 1:01:45 PM

Welcome to the Video Games subforum. To keep things orderly, here are some basic rules to follow.


  • First, read The Rules. Everything there applies here.
  • One thread per game. Even if a thread hasn't been posted in for a while, it's preferable to necro it rather than start a new one. The forum search function is your friend.
    • Exception: If the old thread bogged down in a Flame War or wild tangents such that reviving it would do more harm than good, ask first. Don't invite a continuation of the original argument.
    • Exception: If a game has an unusually high density of spoilers, a separate thread for spoiler discussion is sometimes made. Ask in the main thread first.
  • All games in a series are usually discussed in the same thread, unless doing so would disrupt an existing conversation or a franchise splits into several distinct series.
  • Stay on-topic. It isn't On Topic Conversations, but by nature this forum works best if people stick to a thread's subject.

What belongs here

  • Discussion of specific games/series/franchises.
  • Discussion of specific creators and companies, as long as they aren't just to complain about them.
  • Recommendations about video games have their dedicated thread.

What doesn't belong here

  • Complaint threads will be locked and deleted. This specifically includes threads to discuss what you liked about bad games, "Why video game company [X] sucks" threads as well as "unpopular opinions" threads.
  • General gaming-related news items. Try to find a company- or game-specific topic that they belong to.
  • "What's your favorite X?", "List Y games you played because Z," and similar topics are discouraged due to the minimal effort and engagement they create. Try Yack Fest instead.
  • Political topics that are only peripherally related to gaming go in the On-Topic Conversations forum.
  • Discussion of piracy and warez. Related: "Why [Company X] sucks and therefore you feel justified in pirating from them". See also the main forum rules regarding discussing illegal activities.
  • Blatant advertising. Don't post just to ask us to check out a game. Don't just drop a link to download or buy something.

Banned Topics

  • The ending of Mass Effect 3's single player campaign.
  • Games cut by P5.
  • The 2014 Zoe Quinn controversy (aka "GamerGate"), and anything related to it.

Additional advice

  • If you're discussing a game/series/franchise, just make the title the name of that game. No need for modifiers ("X to be released soon", "Awesome new Y in game X", because the thread will inevitably become a general discussion anyway.
  • If you're discussing a news article about a specific game, check to see if it would fit better in the game's existing thread.

Thanks and have fun!

Edited by Fighteer on Nov 19th 2019 at 10:53:12 AM

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