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memyselfandI2 Dunsparce Cloud from The Biosphere Relationship Status: Hooked on a feeling
Dunsparce Cloud
Aug 15th 2022 at 11:43:22 AM


-the entire right side of Percy's body turns crimson-

Percy: You are completely misinterpreting the situation, I have never had any sort of thing with them, or anyone else, at at any point, ever, nor wanted to, nor considered the possibility—

-one thing about Percy that you remember, Mason, is that she was generally pretty quiet. Usually just clammed up around the Templars, hid almost everything about herself until it was time to escape-

-the reason for this is that she's a really awful liar-

They're just, you know, the kind of person to see someone in trouble and help out. That's all there is to it.

Dunsparce didn't stop being a thing or anything.
QuantumMelody29 chaos catby with a flannel shirt addiction from somewhere Relationship Status: Who needs love when you have waffles?
chaos catby with a flannel shirt addiction
Aug 15th 2022 at 11:49:34 AM

A school facility near Circhester, recent past

Chase II teleports in. There is a scientist writing something on a computer.

Chase: I'm back!

The scientist gets up from her writing to greet them.

Dr Coleman: I heard you delivered the medium. Congratulations on another job well done. However, I was expecting you back ten minutes ago, what took you so long?

Chase: I got lost on the way back.

Dr Coleman sighs, exhasperated.

Dr Coleman: We all know you were stealing food again. Where was it this time? Burger Monarch? Mc Donald's? Six Dudes?

Chase: Anyway, what do I need to do next? Do I finally get to capture someone? Maybe even liquidate someone?

Dr Coleman smiles.

Dr Coleman: Oh, you'll get your chance soon enough...

Said smile turns back to a frown just as fast.

Dr Coleman: ...Is what I would say if you weren't constantly pestering me about it despite making no efforts to curb your addiction to those disgusting deep fried foods. There's no place here for those who can't do their jobs properly.

Meanwhile in Circhester, outside a KFT

Jess has just been kicked out of the restaurant after trying to get lunch.

Jess: What?? I didn't do anything!

Employee: Maybe not right now, but we've got security footage of you teleporting in here and raiding all our food. You are not welcome here.

Jess: Come on! That wasn't me!

Employee: Security footage says otherwise. Please leave now, or I'll call the police.

Jess sighs and leaves.

Jess: And there goes the last fast food joint here that would still let me in.

I used to plug my deviantart here but turns out the link was too long.
BittersweetNSour Let's Go Bite Throats Relationship Status: In Spades with myself
Let's Go Bite Throats
Aug 15th 2022 at 11:53:46 AM


-Yeah, Mason and Corrin know exactly what's going on.-

Mason: Sure, spooks. Nothing going on at all. I believe you. Besides, they're what, married to the job? Their only love is justice? All that superhero stuff?

Corrin: Hehe. Seriously, though, do take care of yourself.

Mason: Yeah. And don't forget, you can tell me things, if there's something weighing on you. Or if there's just a really ridiculous secret you're trying to keep.

-He can't suppress his wry grin.-

Daydre That's just how it is on this bitch of an earth from the trash Relationship Status: Gone fishin'
That's just how it is on this bitch of an earth
Aug 15th 2022 at 11:57:37 AM


It'd be a lie to say Celeste feels nothing, upon watching these memories. Molybdenum will notice the twinge of sympathy in Celeste's mind when anything approaching care is shown the child. She feels sympathy, yes.

But her mind is built for eternity.

She wasn't lying, when she thought that she tries not to be too hardened. It's just that Ninetales minds are built to withstand the many, many memories they will process over their thousand years of life. That's not to say that they're perfect, or she'll never forget anything. But it does inform what Celeste does next.

Celeste: <Mm, yes. I understand.>

Amid the flow of memories, she stands firm.

Celeste: <If I see this... girl, of yours.>

She closes her eyes.

Celeste: <I will know what to do.>

And she lets the current carry her away.

Entree Forest, Ama's Encampment

Strelitzia: <We really should do something about this...>

Ama: "It's keeping me on my toes."

Akira:-scoffing- <That's one way to put it.>

August 7th

The child has once again made a very straightforward attempt, and just walked right up to Ama and started stabbing.

Suffice to say, it did not work.

August 8th

Ama is walking in the woods when suddenly.

A child drops down from the trees right on top of her.

August 9th

Ama finds a knife in her soup. She just continues eating.

August 10th

This time the child tries the nothing personnel- erasing herself from Ama's senses and approaching behind her.

Sadly she does not erase her killing intent and Ama ends up throwing her across the clearing.

August 11th

Ama is sleeping in her house. The air ripples, signaling the child's presence, but it doesn't wake Ama. The child makes it all the way across the room and places a blade on Ama's throat. It's only at this sensation that Ama wakes up and throws the girl across the room.

August 12th

Ama is drinking an ambiguous beverage when she feels the oddly warm press of a psychic blade against her throat.

Ama: -grabbing the child's hand- "You know, you really have to stop hesitating before you attack. Props for being largely untraceable this time though-"

-And the child is thrown across the clearing.

August 13th

Ama: "She sure has a good sense of scheduling."

Akira: <You know being predictable is bad if you're an assassin, right?>

Ama: "Well, yes, but if you're the target you kind of hope the person who's hunting you isn't the most competent."

Akira: <Funny that you're the one to say that.>

Ama scowls at him.

Akira: -grinning- <Yeah yeah, you're competent, whatever. But we're gonna hold you being shown up by your own younger self forever.>

Ama: -turning back to the subject at hand- "I'm just going to ignore that. Anyway, where were we?"

... That is to say, the child is currently in the middle of yet another attempt. Ama is holding her at length with one hand while she struggles to escape and do some stabbing.

Ama: "Who are you anyway kid?"

Child: ~Wouldn't you like to know.~

Ama: "Yes, I would, that is literally why I asked."

Ama kicks her in the stomach and she goes flying back into a tree, where she slides down into a crumpled heap on the forest floor.

Ama: "You'd been doing better the past couple days, too. What happened?"

Child: ~I don't have answer to y-~ -her stomach growls-

Ama: "..."

Child: "..."

Ama: "Are you hungry?"

Child: ~No.~

Ama: "You interrupted us during lunch. Do you want like, a sandwich or something?"

Child: ~I don't need your pity.~

Ama is already in the middle of getting a sandwich from out of her house. The child seems so baffled she doesn't move until Ama is close by again and offering her the food.

The child hesitates.


She grabs the sandwich and runs off.

Akira: <Why did you feed her??>

Ama: "She seemed hungry?"

Akira: <She's trying to kill you.>

Ama: "She's not succeeding."

Ama shrugs and walks back inside.

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Asterisk395 No voice to cry suffering from Hallownest Relationship Status: With my statistically significant other
No voice to cry suffering
Aug 15th 2022 at 4:38:34 PM

Hearthome, Vegan Place

Logan: -snickering- Honestly, me neither. You respect the Pokémon for who they are and what they can do, but after you've seen Raikou tear into a box of Pop-Tarts on the regular, you tend to lose a bit of reverence.

-they pick up their Styler on instinct to look for the pictures, before...-

Logan: -headtilts- ...

-privately, Logan's thoughts briefly turn to -perky- Hey, the midwife was holding an Egg! We don't know how it got there, but—-

Logan: -redirecting- That's very interesting. People really have gotten ingenious with the process of, ah, having children. Recreationally or otherwise.

Addie: -snrk-

Logan: -with interest- I look forward to what your company comes up with, as I'm sure lots of people do. Did you happen to have a business card, or...?

-right, existential crises-

Logan: -dropping their head onto their hands- ...well, now you've got me curious. There's gotta be someone in the Rangers who stumbled across a memory, we have timespace f—shenanigans like weather.

-they drain their cup, lost in thought-


Molybdenum: Good. Good.

-if she notices Celeste taking a mere year's worth of memories in stride, she doesn't press the issue-

Molly: Good.

-and she—turning her back, but not her attention—gets up and starts strolling away-

-not hightailing it like someone with her pants on fire-

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No mind to think. No will to break.
memyselfandI2 Dunsparce Cloud from The Biosphere Relationship Status: Hooked on a feeling
Dunsparce Cloud
Aug 15th 2022 at 4:52:55 PM


Percy: Well, justice and maybe costume design. Romance is a distant third at best. Plus, you know, skeleton. So it's really not a going concern.

But I'll keep that in mind.

-as she goes to limp away-

Hearthome, Vegan Place

Adelinde: Pop Tarts? That's remarkably unusual—


This is why I usually leave the telepathy to the testing line.

(dryly) I work for Qualix Solutions. I'm technically the branch manager for the greater Goldenrod area, but there's a lot of travel involved. As I imagine you're familiar with.

-she chuckles-

I hope I've encouraged you to learn something. It's good when people can evolve.

Dunsparce didn't stop being a thing or anything.
Aug 16th 2022 at 12:42:49 PM

Route 228

Rory rolled his shoulders, fingers flexing. Gabriel stood there before him with his arms behind his back, cape billowing in the wind. Dante and Vergil stared... and then Rory leapt forward, sword drawn.

Gabriel didn't even move as a Dark Trooper intercepted and caught the blade. Vergil darted forward with a metal claw and broke the Trooper's grasp. Gabriel smirked as another walked forward and punched Vergil in the face.


Dante chuckled. <Unfair fighting,> he commented before throwing a night slash hoping to cut through the armor. It scratched through as he got close, right as a third Dark Trooper uppercut him right in the gut.

Rory let go of the blade and gripped onto the Dark Trooper's face, gripping on with his prosthetic and channeling his obscura, sparks flew as he made a lightning charge. His obscuric ability channeled into realized special effects, his prosthetic was a prop for that.

The Dark trooper seemed to cease, it bent back and its arms went limp... before it suddenly darted up and gripped onto the prosthetic, crushing it. Rory backed away, disconnecting the busted arm. "The hell?!"

"Good technology, made by an associate. I have a few of those Mercury. I keep up to date."

Rory grimaced. He clicked his tongue as Vergil and Dante leapt forward, both of their hands glowing an obscuric purple as it dug into the Dark Trooper's chestplate. "Shadow Claw bitch."

The two ripped their hands out and the Trooper collapsed. Rory grinning... only to see the other 5 march right at him. He gripped onto his sword and revved it, flames igniting along the blade. He let out a roar and charged forward, popping on his rocket fist attachment. "Come get me you fucking asshole! Don't hide behind your toys!"

Gabriel said nothing as Rory was instantly clotheslined by another Darktrooper. "They're running off of my neural tissue, each one has cloned cells from my brain. They respond to my thought instantly, like flexing a finger."

Rory rolled out of the way as a Dark Trooper attempted to step on his head. "Don't got any pokemon, won't fight me head on, like a fucking coward!"

"I make do with my limitations Mercury."

"My name is Rory you bastard!"

Gabriel rolled his eyes and snapped his fingers. The Dark Troopers gripped blasters as Dante and Vergil grabbed Rory and dragged him out. <This is not the time to be a fool, retreat!>

<Kid you need a bigger team or more power, right now all you are is dead weight and Vergil and I ain't got the firepower needed to fight more than one of these!>

Rory said nothing as Gabriel vanished into the sand. "I'LL FIND YOU, I'M GONNA WRECK THOSE TIN TOYS OF YOURS!"

<Once you get a bigger team or something!>

Gabriel said nothing as Rory vanished. He pulled out a tablet and scrolled through a few notifications, before coming across the Phantom Class registry, he poked at Subject 80 and set to "Active".

"Seems Bren made a mistake. The difficulties of dealing with illusionists."

Daydre That's just how it is on this bitch of an earth from the trash Relationship Status: Gone fishin'
That's just how it is on this bitch of an earth
Aug 16th 2022 at 12:43:40 PM


Celeste: <...>

Celeste opens her eyes and watches her go.

Celeste: (As soon as she's out of earshot) <... What an odd person.>

Celeste: <.....That I definitely don't remember.>

off the shits
DarknessAwaits from R'lyeh Relationship Status: You cannot grasp the true form
Aug 16th 2022 at 3:14:13 PM

Pastoria ~ Present Day

"Figaro qua, Figaro lá..." (4)

"And to think, my curiosity had been piqued so... but 'tis fine. I shalt not a fair maiden press, for it would truly be most cowardly!"

They reply, nodding.

"Aislinn, you say? Do not bemoan it, for what is a name but what you yourself see in your heart's mirror? Indeed, a name is but a mutable monicker! If you find yours wanting, simply choose a more fitting one! ...Is what I think, at the very least!!"

They proclaim with a pretty passionate speech. Having said that, though...

"That wind truly is odd, isn't it? Wherever could it be coming from?"

They ponder out loud, and then, motioning for Aislinn to follow them, they run off in a (random, it seems...) direction-

"Come! If it has any source, we shalt quest to find the source of this unnatural, knife-redirecting gale!!"

You could not fault them for lack of enthusiasm, at least.

AnotherMan Person, or Idea? from a solitary place Relationship Status: Non-Canon
Person, or Idea?
Aug 16th 2022 at 4:11:53 PM

CW: Implied death, Bereavement

Mount Coronet, 3 Years Ago

It was yet another day for the native species of the mountain, all of whom were staking out their territory and struggling to provide for themselves and their kin. For one particular Cleffa in a hidden cave, however, it was the day her life irrevocably changed.

That morning, the Cleffa woke up. She found her mother, a venerable Clefairy, lying on her back and breathing shallowly. Sensing that something was amiss, she crawled over to her mother and hugged her close.

<Mommy?>, the Cleffa asked.

<Oh, darling,> the Clefairy replied, <I'm here. I've got something for you.>

With these words, the Clefairy opened her paw, revealing a small number of Berries. The Cleffa grabbed one and almost sank her teeth into it, but she hesitated, looking expectantly at her mother.

The Clefairy smiled weakly. <Go on,> she said. <I've had my fill already. You're a growing girl.>

Reassured by her mother's words, the Cleffa devoured the Berries before her. When she finished, she wiped the juice from her mouth and looked up. To her surprise, she saw her mother standing up, preparing to delve into the greater mountain once more.

<Please, Mommy,> the Cleffa said. <Don't go.>

The Clefairy paused a moment, then leaned down and hugged her daughter. <All right,> she said, <but just for a moment. Mommy's got to get you more yummy things, okay?>

Uneasy, but also unwilling to defy her mother, the Cleffa said <Okay.>

As the Clefairy released her hug, she also patted her daughter on the head, and she said <I'll be right back.> With these words, she turned and headed deeper into the mountain.

That was the last time the Cleffa saw her mother.

Mount Coronet, April 4, 2022

It was yet another day for the Cleffa, who spent her days charming other Pokemon and humans with false cheer and taking what she needed when they were distracted. This particular day, she staked out the entrance to one particular cave, ready to leap in front of whoever emerged from it and perform her charming routine.

Her keen hearing picked up the sound of footsteps. However, she also heard the distinctive sounds of a flock of Zubat approaching. Thinking better of it, she chose to hang back and watch what happens.

What she saw was a sight she would never forget.

A human, of somewhat thin build, raced out of the cave, shortly followed by a flock of Zubat in hot pursuit. Something large was cradled in the human's hands. It was something like a box, but there was also something else there.

As the Cleffa watched, the human ended up surrounded by the Zubat flock, who left him no room to run. Seeing this, he only held what was in his arms tighter.

"Stay back!", the human yelled. "You can have my life, but please, don't touch my Pokemon!"

This announcement confused the flock of Zubat, who apparently just wanted the human out of their territory. The Cleffa, however, noticed what else the human was carrying in his hands: the unconscious bodies of a Chingling and a rodent-like Pokemon she did not recognise. Something about what she saw before her made her forget about her prior scheme and do something drastic.

<Over here!>, the Cleffa called to the human, waving with one arm and pointing to a nearby cave with her other arm. <This is the exit!>

Apparently, the human understood, as he charged through the flock in front of him towards the cave the Cleffa had indicated. The Cleffa took the opportunity to hop onto the human's back as he ran by, and through the wonders of body language, directed him out of the mountain and to safety.

Shortly thereafter, in a grassy clearing, the human sat, clearly exhausted from the chase. "Thank you," he panted to the Cleffa. "How can I ever repay you?"

The Cleffa pondered a moment, considering if just getting food and drink would be enough. Remembering how tightly the human had clung to his Pokemon, she wondered if she could get an experience like that with any other human who might pass by.

Wordlessly, the Cleffa pointed to an object in the human's open box-like thing.

A Pokeball.

Oreburgh City, Pokemon Center, July 1, 2022

Mitchell finishes reading the stories Becky had written down, then takes a good look at her, now a Clefairy, in the seat opposite himself.

"Well," Mitchell says, "thank you for telling me these stories. I'll admit, I would have been upset if you did, well..."

Becky knew exactly what Mitchell meant. <Yeah,> she said. <So, does this mean->

"But," Mitchell continued, oblivious to what Becky was about to say, "that's all in the past. What matters is what we do in the future." He sighed. "You did great in the battle today, so I would like it if you stayed with us." He then extended his hand across the table. "What do you say, partner?"

Becky hesitates, then extends her paw and puts it in Mitchell's outstretched hand. As they shake hands, a small hint of a tear forms in her eye.

Canalave City, Present Day

It is a sunny afternoon, and Mitchell is collapsed on a bench facing Canalave's river, panting from the summer heat. Es periodically fans Mitchell with her wings, while Ed conducts various stretching exercises and Gav keeps a watchful eye on the foot traffic in the city.

<You sure Boss'll be okay?>, Gav asks Es.

<Of course,>, Es replies. <Master will recover with wind and-,>

"Waterrr," Mitchell interrupts, before chugging down his third bottle of water in as many minutes.

Ed, looking up while holding a bridge position, sees something that takes him by surprise. He ends up losing his bridge hold and landing on his chest.

<What the-?>, Gav asks, startled by Ed's sudden collapse.

<Over there!>, Ed replies, pointing at what he sees.

Both Gav and Es look where Ed is pointing, and see a most curious sight.

A pink Shellos is crawling through the streets of Canalave, heading for the library. For some reason, it is holding a book in it's mouth.

ParadoxialStratagem The Eccentric Electric from On Melancholy Hill Relationship Status: Hiding
The Eccentric Electric
Aug 16th 2022 at 6:32:24 PM

Eterna City Outside:

Chopper would unconsciously crouch on one knee to not tower over Stipax as much before saying, <I'm doing great! Finally had something exciting to do watching that gym battle, makes training seem fun again,...and Steggy is the Turtwig who explodes right?>

Travis meanwhile would return the Pokeball-R containing Wingo into his pack before saying, “Cute's one way of putting it. He's a bit of a ditz, but I got him for free so I can't complain. I'm sure he'll make a good messenger or something if I could ever get him to focus on anything,” At this point both Mark and Travis would notice the new pokemon.

“Hey watch where you—get off me!” Mark would say before noticing Anomalo go from feeling at him to climbing on his shoulder. Mark was moments away from tossing the mon off of him before Anomalo scurried away towards Chopper, who found the whole thing amusing and laughed it off, falling into a seated position. Travis meanwhile was mostly unphased, if not slightly confused by Anomalo with an innocently insensitive observation, “Uhh what's his deal? He just likes feeling everything or something?” It wouldn't be long before the two trainers would notice Eurypedis talking to them in a language that wasn't Monese.

“Pleasure's all yours I'm sure,” Mark said, not entirely sure what to say while unconsciously coming across as dismissive while Travis would state, “Huh, a pokemon that can speak my language who isn't an AI. I've heard of Pokemon that can be taught how to speak human, but doesn't that usually come at a cost?”

Mark simply shrugged, “Iunno, probably? I've definitely seen a few mons that know how to speak to humans, so it doesn't surprise me.” He then turned his attention to Owen before asking, “Still catching pokemon and earning gym badges. What's next for you, the next gym? More new mons?”

Living The Fever Dream
OPALGARNET16 Priest of the Temple of Syrinx from Nighttree, New Jersey Relationship Status: Abstaining
Priest of the Temple of Syrinx
Aug 16th 2022 at 6:43:36 PM

Eterna City

<Well... kind of,> said Stipax. <He doesn't explode, but the Voltorb on his back does. You should have seen him in Oreburgh, by the way. He came from behind and crushed Roark's Rampardos. And it was set to DARKSIDE!>


<You've never heard of that song, have you?> he asked.

Eurypedis shot a bit of a look at Travis upon hearing the remark, before eventually simply saying:

"He's blind. The mons talked to him on voice chat while trying to get his Hasslemon handle and typing quirk set up, and found out that he had only lived— and was only able to see— for two days in his prior life before he was killed by Tyrantrum."

At this, Owen blanched a bit.

"Wait, what?" he cried. "I didn't know that..."

He glanced down at Anomalo. "A-Anomalo, is that true?"

Anomalo sadly nodded.

"Woah..." muttered Owen. "Holy crap, I can't believe that... that's awful..."

And then he heard Mark's question and glanced up.

"Yeah, probably," he said. "From here, my next stop is likely going to be the Underground unless some other Pokemon comes along. From there, Veilstone. Hopefully I'll finally get Saura to evolve; can't wait to see her evolve herself with the Pottery Wheel Method for the first time."

Hi, I’m oghond, and I’m a Rushaholic. Sorry if I annoy you unintentionally. 😅
ParadoxialStratagem The Eccentric Electric from On Melancholy Hill Relationship Status: Hiding
The Eccentric Electric
Aug 16th 2022 at 10:12:35 PM

Eterna City Outside:

<No, can't say I have...> Chopper said with a confused pause before saying, <But that sure sounds cool! Wish I could have seen it!> He would then give a polite pat to Anomalo after hearing about his history, granted there was a non-zero percent chance Chopper underestimated his own strength and ruined the gesture.

Travis found caught off-guard by Eurypedis' reaction before defensively explaining, “Woah dude, I had no idea. Explains a lot though...and sorry to hear about that, I'm sure that was rough to go through.”

Mark meanwhile was intrigued by Owen's plans, “The Underground? Is that like a specific part of Sinnoh? I've been trying to explore different parts of this region to find more leads on Team Lightning and I've never heard of this place,” He asked before gesturing for Chopper to leave Anomalo alone. “I wouldn't mind tagging along, but if I were you I'd visit a Pokecenter before taking off. One of your mons got taken down by poison and I'm sure your other mons could use a rest,”

“We going underground? I guess I'll tag along, not like I've got anything better to do since I literally got dropped into this region straight out of idea when I'll get home, but I guess that doesn't matter right now.” Travis said with a shrug with Tricky reluctantly following along, <I'd rather not go somewhere none of my electricity works, but I suppose I'll join you and make sure you don't hurt yourself.> Tricky growled, not into the idea of spelunking.

Living The Fever Dream
ThunderKitty86 Relationship Status: I won't say I'm in love
Aug 17th 2022 at 1:31:06 AM

Funhouse, I guess?

-All of a sudden, lights flash up as upbeat music begins to play-

Announcer: Step right up, step right up! You've been chosen as one of the lucky players to play in this Funhouse!

Hailee: F-Funhouse?!

Announcer: That's right, player! You must conquer the challenge presented in front of you, as well as the other players! They've been put into seperate sections of the funhouse, but once you complete your challenge, you sit in a waiting room for the other players to finish their challenges! Unless, you know, they fail...

Hailee: Well, that explains where my Pokemon went...

Announcer: And your challenge is... the Twisty Tunnel!

-Lights flash up around a tunnel, which rotates constantly-

Announcer: Just make it through the tunnel successfully. Have fun!

Hailee: Here goes, then...

Another section of the funhouse, I guess?

-Meanwhile, Timothy, Bubbles and Nugget awake to find themselves in the dark-

Timothy: Where are we?

Announcer: Hello, challengers!

Nugget: First Bubbles tries to eat me and now this! What kinda day is this?!

-the announcer explains the challenge ahead of them the same he did to Hailee-

Bubbles: Seems simple enough.

Announcer: And your challenge is... The A-Maze-Ing Mirrors!

-lights flash up above a maze of mirrors-

Announcer: Just make it through this mirror maze. Have fun!

Timothy: By the way, where the heck are Hailee, Banjo and The Egg?

Creepy room

-Banjo awakens to find a lonely room with just himself, and The Egg-

Banjo: Oh, its you.

-Banjo picks The Egg up-

Banjo: Look, I'll just keep things simple. I don't know what this place is or where the others are, but I'm going to find them. If I can just stop these growing pains somehow...

-The Egg has no response-

Banjo: And I'm talking to an Egg. Come on, let's go find the team.

-as Banjo walks off, unbeknowst to him, a Gastly watches from the shadows, licking its lips as it stares as The Egg before diving back into the shadows-

Asterisk395 No voice to cry suffering from Hallownest Relationship Status: With my statistically significant other
No voice to cry suffering
Aug 17th 2022 at 10:56:55 AM

Hearthome, Vegan Place

-Logan visibly and blithely makes a note of this, moving on-

Logan: -laughing- I certainly am. If I ever have kids, I hope I get to tell them I went through a lightning storm both ways to get to work, just to see the looks on their faces.

-and they give her an asymmetrical sort of smile-

Logan: I certainly have.

Logan: -warmly- If it's not too rude, likewise, really. I hope I've been a breath of fresh air from everything you deal with at work.

-the waiter arrives with the check, and Logan on instinct reaches for it-

Hearthome, Apartment

-an old woman sits in a wheelchair, crocheting-

-eyes gone milky, hair gone gray, but moving with the sedate, deft assurance of extensive practice-

-the Murkrow on the handle of her chair coos softly under the sound of her breathing, and the Mightyena with its head in her lap snuffles-

-and cocks her head up-

-the woman turns her head with her Pokémon's attention, one ear toward...-

-a knock in a familiar pattern rings from the door, and she relaxes-

Man: -through the door- Rhoda, I'm home!

Rhoda: -crocheting- Come in, Haru.

-a stocky man in his late-thirties sweeps through the door laden with bags, a Bibarel with another at his heels-

-he deposits his bounty and kisses her on the cheek with open, easy affection-

Haru: How is my little Ledyba?

Rhoda: Tired. Better now that you're here.

-she graces him with a small, private smile-

-his answering one is warm and broad, and she moves her hand to rest in his-

-the Bibarel and Mightyena regard each other with a sort of longsuffering camaraderie-

Sinnoh, Safe House Approach

Molybdenum: Well, that went well.

-flawlessly, truly-

-she turns the memory of a successful interrogation and extraction and not crying not crying not letting a full-head helmet deal with whatever substances her face didn't extrude over with a great deal of satisfaction-

-she lingers especially over the tidbit of the mask...-

Ribot: ~You're thinking of her again.~

-she pauses-

Molybdenum: ~...of who?~

Ribot: ~Someone unimportant, certainly. Unworthy of note, let alone an entry in any log worth submitting.~

-Molybdenum's face only grows more neutral, then...-

Molybdenum: -...snorts- Forgot I had this on.

-she loosens from anxiety-stiff at attention to swaggering, disdainful-

-her thoughts swivel from disarray to clicking in perfect time, marching ever on-

-the holes in her shield smooth over...-

Ramona: So attentive! Looking to get rid of me, Ribot?

Ribot: ~Now why would I do that? You're the most successful charge I've had in years.~

Ramona: I'm the only charge you've had in years.

Ribot: ~I'd so hate for that to change.~

-Ramona rolls her eyes-

Ramona: Don't you fall for what I trot out for the J-Team, Ribot. I'm not getting bored of living.

Ribot: -dour- ~That would make one of us.~

Ramona: What, where's your School spirit? We're wasting daylight, it's noses to the grindstone.

Ribot: ~I agree entirely. Didit and I wait with bated breath on the results of this one's test.~

Ramona: Neo.

Ribot: ~Come along, then.~

-he oozes down through a crack in the ground-

Ramona: ...

Molybdenum: ...really haven't cracked open that memory in a while.

Is this it? Is it time?

-she turns over a phrase to unlock a phrase to unlock a phrase that hides a memory...-

Sinnoh, Safe House

-Ramona enters-

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Aug 17th 2022 at 2:34:30 PM

Hearthome, Vegan Place

Adelinde: I'm sure you'd make a fascinating parent. I don't think I really have the instinct— I've done some tutoring but that's about the extent of my interaction with children.

-with reflexes borne of literal life-and-death fights for the last twenty-five years— and coordination borne of missing six of her usual limbs— Adelinde takes the check, fumbles it slightly, moves it a few inches closer to herself, and traps it with her other hand-

Adelinde: (laughing) Don't worry, I've got it. I invited you here, after all. And I owe you, for getting me away from—

-she pauses-


Adelinde: I'm so sorry. I said not to call unless it was an emergency, but if it is an emergency there may genuinely be lives at stake.

-she answers her phone, which did not ring in any way Logan could detect-

Talia, I'm in the middle of something. If this can wait—


-all expression disappears from Adelinde's face-

Ah. I see.

Yes, I'll be right there, I'm not far. Stay put and don't touch anything.

-she hangs up, giving Logan a brief, apologetic smile that shows slightly too many teeth-

I'm very sorry. It seems I won't be able to stand on ceremony for any goodbyes.

-she pays rather hurriedly, sending out Camazotz-

-no audible communication passes between them, but they disappear with a-



-Ramona is greeted with a-

Neodymium: ~Look!~

-PEFE!Every, sitting on a couch, hurls a pen at her from fairly close range-

-it is promptly deflected, and sent spinning into a corner-

Neodymium: -jazz hands-

Didit: -sighs-

Neodymium: ~You're just jealous that you lack my flair for the dramatic.~

PEFE!Every: I've been instructing Neodymium in meditative techniques used by psychic Pokemon to hone their abilities, as well as working what appears to be an intuitive knowledge of ballistics into an ability to deflect projectiles.

-she gets closer to Ramona, leaning in slightly-

When that didn't work, I mixed a triple dose of X Defense and X Sp. Atk into her orange juice. I'm hoping the placebo effect bolsters her confidence enough to cement the gains in a permanent way. Or maybe I can just slip the medicine into her food prior to testing.

Neodymium: (to Didit) ~Quick, we need to come up with stuff while the adults talk, so it looks like we're doing something important.~

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Aug 17th 2022 at 2:59:31 PM

Pastoria, Present

Aislinn nods, following about every other word until Andrea stops talking and they all hit at once and she realizes she needs to respond.

Aislinn: "... Never really thought about it like that! I suppose I could change my name but I like it enough."

No sooner are the words out of her mouth than Andrea is running off.

Gaycrus: ~I assume we're following them.~

Aislinn:-sighing- "You would assume correct."

The two sprint off.

Random Marsh

.... And they all end up here! In one of the unmarked marshes surrounding Pastoria that aren't good enough to qualify as the Great Marsh. Don't worry marsh, you're great to me.

Aislinn: "..."

Strangely enough, it is more windy here than it was in Pastoria proper. Almost... knife redirecting windy.......

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Aug 17th 2022 at 7:30:29 PM

Eterna City

"Oh, no, the Underground spans all of Sinnoh," said Owen. "It's very fun. Recently they opened up new sections and tons of Pokemon have moved into them. I'd be happy with both of you tagging along, but..."

He glanced over at the Pokemon Center before returning his mons, including Stipax.

"Yeah, I should probably heal my mons before we head to the Underground," he admitted. "Of course, Anomalo and Cephalo probably don't need healing, but..."

He proceeded to head inside the Pokemon Center, motioning for Mark and Travis to come along.

Eterna City Pokemon Center

The second that Owen entered the Pokemon Center, he took all of his PokeBalls off of his belt and handed them to the Nurse Joy at the counter.

"Here you are," he said.

The Nurse nodded, taking his PokeBalls before eventually leaving with them and heading to a room in the back. Owen turned to face Mark and Travis.

"So," he asked, "what are you guys planning to do in the Underground?"

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Aug 18th 2022 at 11:34:10 AM

Entree Forest, Ama's Encampment

Ama: "What's your name, anyway, kid?"

She says to an empty forest.

The sandwich on the plate next to her disappears.

Ama: "I can't refer to you as 'kid' forever. You might as well tell me what it is if you're going to keep coming by."

A construct knife flies out of the treeline. Ama deflects it with a tail construct.

Ama: "... Especially if you're going to keep trying to kill me. It's only polite."

Kaden: <(You're still feeding her while she's trying to kill you?)>

Ama: -scritching him behind the ears- "(I don't have to justify myself to you.)"

Kaden mrrps and rolls over.

Kaden: <(Well you can't stop me from worrying.)>

Another knife flies in from a different direction. It embeds itself in the wall next to Ama's face before dissipating.

Ama: "Oh come on, this house isn't getting any less decrepit! At least aim for me."

Child: "..."

The child stands half behind a tree, visible (partially) for the first time in this whole exchange.

Child: "..."

Child Strontium: "It's Strontium. My designation is number 38, Strontium."

Ama: "Hm. That's... a name. Something I can call you, at least. Probably shouldn't have expected much from that organization."

The child, in lieu of a response, steps back and disappears again.

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Orre, Realgam Tower

-Ludmilla sits at her table, nursing a glass of cold water. She looks over at her mom and dad's seats, and sighs.-

-What the hell was the point of coming here with her Championship Discount without anyone to enjoy it with?-

-She's wondered that every time she's come here, and at this point she's not sure if she keeps doing it because the answer is somehow important or if she just hates sitting around the house that much after the Orre Mementos quieted down after her purging of the worst Shadows.-

-And then, she hears it.-

Ludmilla: What the...?

-She looks up, thinking that one of the waitresses had changed the big TV to music again due to it being a slow weekday, but instead she sees someone doing a VR challenge.-

-And this guy, only a few years older than her from the looks of it, is dancing. While his simulated Pokemon are being squared up against *Legendaries*.-

Challenger: Have you ever been close to tragedy, or been close to folks that have~? Have you ever felt a pain so powerful, so heavy you collapse? No, well...

-He points a finger and gives a practiced snap, as his Machamp launches forward with a Dynamic Punch.-

Challenger: I've- Ne- Ver- had to knock on wood! But I know someone who has! Which makes me wonder if I could!

-The wild charging blow, despite Ludmilla's shock at the audacity of a completely unaided Dynamic Punch against a Legendary opponent, lands square on the Regirock's theoretical jaw.-

Challenger: It- Makes- Me- Wonder- If- I've- Never had to knock on wood~!

-He snaps again, and his simulated Klingklang fires a Zap Cannon.-

Challenger: And I'm glad I haven't yet~!

-He does a little spin right before the cannon shot hits his opponent's Skarmory dead-on, knocking it out in one shot.-

Challenger: Because I'm sure it isn't good~!

-He he startles shuffling in place as his simulated Machamp dodges a retaliatory Stone Edge.-

Challenger: That's the impression that I get~

-Ludmilla stares dumbfounded. Then she cranes her neck over to see the guy's smiling face plastered on the "Today's Big Winner" banner over the scratch-off ticket counter.-

Ludmilla: Okay. That's interesting.

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Aug 18th 2022 at 5:13:32 PM

Eterna City Outside → Eterna City Pokemon Center:

Mark raised an eyebrow in response to Owen mentioning how The Underground spanned all of Sinnoh, “All of Sinnoh? Is the ground we're standing on hollow or was everyone trying to find gold in this region?” He wondered while Travis merely mused, “ Sounds fun, maybe we'll find jewels or stones on the way...or maybe some rare earth metals,”. The two trainers and their pokemon would follow Owen to the Pokemon Center despite none of their pokemon requiring healing or status/move restoration.

“I know it sounds like a crazy conspiracy theory, but if you told me every Poke Center nurse was a clone I'd totally believe it,” Travis remarked while taking a nearby seat before answering Owen's question, “I haven't really decided yet, just kind of along for the ride you know? I'm done for whatever, Mark meanwhile would idly look around his surroundings before answering, “Don't really have anything specific in mind yet. Part of me wants to see what kind of pokemon live in The Underground. Part of me is hoping we'll find some trace of Team Lightning there, but I'm starting to doubt it at this point,” . Moments later, Mark would begin noticing a colorful flyer that caught his eye.

“Hey check this out,” Mark told the group, directing their attention to a promotion featuring red and black background reading “Noize Destroyz feat. DJ G@tis, Live at the Hearthome City Super Contest Hall!” with DJ G@tis's name promoted in a Nixie-Tube styled font. This flyer featured a man clad in some sort of post-apocalyptic duster mixed dieselpunk-styled cybernetics and a gasmask with glowing yellow-orange eyes doing a dramatic pose one would expect to see in Schlock Sci-fi Horror and looking like a comic book villain.

“DJ...G@tis? Why the hell did they think using a random @ would work to replace an “at” and not be irritating to look at?” Travis critiqued before Mark would say, “Was wondering when public entertainment would make a comeback. So many things were canceled or postponed indefinitely after The Techspo Fiasco... Speaking of that, have you heard anything about Team Lightning Owen?”

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Aug 18th 2022 at 7:30:40 PM

Eterna City Pokemon Center

Owen glanced over at the poster for a few moments as he tried to comprehend what was on it. He paused.

"Huh," he said. "Actually, I haven't heard anything about Team Lightning in a long while. This whole thing in Hearthome seems like it could have something to do with—"


He was interrupted by the voice of the Nurse Joy at the counter. He turned to face her and saw all of his PokeBalls in front of him.

"You got them all healed up?" he asked.

Nurse Joy nodded.


He grabbed the PokeBalls and put them back on his belt, before turning to face the other two.

"Alright, guys; let's go do some spelunking!"

Eterna City

Sometime later, Owen and the newly-healed Stipax stood in the middle of Eterna City, with Owen's shovel at the ready.

"Alright, it's time," said Owen.

And with that said, he started digging.


The Underground

Before long, Owen and Stipax had entered the vast Underground, which had indeed been expanded. Thousands of Pokemon were wandering around, and tons of gems, shards, and other items lay hidden in the dirt.

"Well, here we are," said Owen.

<Woahhh...!> cried Stipax. <I mean, I had heard that they expanded the Underground, but I didn't know it was this expanded!>

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Aug 18th 2022 at 9:21:06 PM

Eterna City Outside → The Underground:

“Maybe, maybe not. This concert might be worth checking out on our way to Veilstone though if they're still selling tickets,” Mark suggested with Travis adding in, “Yeah, we could see if Team Lightning's drawn to attacking public gatherings at worst, best case scenario everything's fine, Team Lightning's no longer relevant, and we get to roll the dice listening to music that might not even be any good.”

Once Owen's pokemon were healed, Mark and Travis would follow him out and were caught off-guard by Owen deciding to just start digging in the middle of the city. “Uhh, you think people are going to be fine with you just digging a hole out in the open like this?” For once Mark seemed less concerned he bluntly replied, “Who gives a fuck at this point? Might as well help him out,” At this point, Mark ordered Chopper to start using Dig to assist Owen with his digging efforts, and assist Chopper did as he began rapidly ripping and tearing clumps of the earth and tossing them aside with his bare hands with enough fluidity to look like he was swimming into the ground. Travis would try to do the same thing, directing Tricky to use dig as well...which proved to be more difficult than initially expected.

“What's the matter Tricky, afraid of getting your paws dirty?” Travis teased after Tricky turned her face up defiantly when asked to use Dig three different times. <This task is literally beneath me, and they don't need my help!> Tricky would growl, refusing to look at Travis or the hole being dug in the ground for a few moments before Travis would then goad, “I see how it is, you somehow don't know the move Dig, even though just about every pokemon can learn least that's what you want me to think, but we both know you're more clever than you let on..or are you?”

With an annoyed sigh, Tricky would finally decide to help Owen and Chopper dig into The Underground out of spite rather than any actual desire to help. <I hate this dirt, it hurts my paws and feels wrong! It better not get stuck on me or I swear...> She grumbled, refusing to elaborate further as she muttered unintelligibly to herself via growling until the party would enter The Underground.

“I knew you weren't kidding when you said The Underground was big, but something else. Like a whole different region itself,” Mark would comment with Chopper replying to Stipax's observation with, <All that digging was fun, made for a good arm workout!>. Travis would note shortly afterward, “Aaaand my reception's gone, just like that. Not like we can expect wireless connectivity to cut through this deep underground.” Before he could say anything else, another notification would sound off on Travis' Poketch before Haxx would report, ERROR: No Internet Connectivity! No real-time map data available. Thankfully I have managed to save a copy of the regional map prior to losing connection. ERROR: Your location is unavailable! Real-time location updates disabled!”

“Sounds like we're going to need to rely on ourselves and dead reckoning if we don't want to get lost down here,” Travis said before Mark would state, “Alright Owen, since this adventure's your idea and you seem like you know your way around here, you should probably lead the way.”

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Aug 19th 2022 at 8:07:40 AM

Delta Carrier

Jack stood up and took a deep inhale. "Don't hold it against them," he said with a smile. "They just want some certainty that I'm not getting out of this."

He let out a rumbling laugh. "Deep down they know that I'm right. One day... all of you will need me, and I'll be ready to be let out. Don't worry about secret identities, I'll keep them all. I hold to my world, Silas can attest to that."

Bishop said nothing. "We're approaching the dock, we best get the Wing out of here and let Interpol take over."

Jack leaned against a wall. "Goodbye everyone... I'll see yo soon," he said with a smug smile. "Take good care of my team."

PEFE Run Port

There was the clattering of boots and up walked in heavy gear was the familiar face of Captain Kevin Hudson. "Captain Hudson, Interpol Special Response. We were contacted that a member of the aloof Hunter's Guild was captured and was going to be dropped off here?"

Manya was writing down something on a notepad. "Supposedly it's Delta."

Kevin whistled, Marshall nearly choked on her water. "If that's true. That's a big catch! Almost Sphinx big."

Kevin held up a hand. "Don't underestimate him just because he's not the logistics expert, Delta's still a threat even tied down. He's been active for years and wherever J has been, he's not been far behind."

Pokestar Studios

Gio stretched as he stood outside the studio lots, a coffee in hand. Jessie was right next to him writing something down on her Tablet. The two had gotten some odd looks from the people around them... looking similar to wanted criminals would do that.

Gio scratched the rather scruffy beard he had been growing. "Think Gale will like it?"

"She's been a prime supporter of your works, her merch from that cooking deal has sold quite well."

Gio nodded with a smile.

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Aug 19th 2022 at 8:35:00 AM

Team Iron Base, Far North

-Cid, arms crossed, taps his finger against his bicep. He looks out and sees the first winter storm of the year brewing on the horizon.-

-Two hours before it arrives, by his estimate.-

-He looks back down at his report.-

-The statistics aren't encouraging.-

... Forward Team Alpha 3 reports four School safehouses in Kanto, all destroyed.

Counterintelligence Team Bravo 2 reports three agents attempting infiltration via Hoenn recruitment drive.

Director Aulstyne reports enemy units now carrying "anti-sonic dampeners", requiring development of new non-lethal armaments, forcing the usage of...

-He stops and sighs. He tosses the file onto the pile.-

-Fifteen goddamn months of the exact same thing.-

-Counterintelligence hits an attempted espionage operation? It comes back within the month.-

-Forward Ops hit School safe houses, kill those damned psychic soldiers, steal records? They find more, in the same town, not two months later and completely restocked with soldiers, and the records are so sparse and limited you'd have more luck getting blood from a stone than getting anything actionable from them.-

-His brow furrows.-

Cid: I can kill men. I can kill Pokemon. I can kill gods, were I given the chance.

-He turns, hauls back, and kicks over the table, sending all of the useless, repeating reports flying.-


-He takes a moment.-

-And another.-

-And another.-

-Until his breathing has steadied.-

Cid: I'm sorry you had to see that.

-He turns to his guest, who had been quietly sitting in his guest chair, looking into a cracked glass orb.-

Ophelia: Don't worry a thing about it. You were much less composed when the dragons came.

-He straightens his shirt and coat.-

Ophelia: No, you don't need to know what that means. Not any more than one needs to know the name "Lanius".

Cid: You enjoy mentioning these things with no context, don't you?

Ophelia: It's how I know they happened, sir.

-She twists the glass orb in her hands eyeing every crack in fine detail.-

Ophelia: It's how I know that, with this gift you've given me, I may know how righteous our path is.

Cid: I admit I was less than optimistic when you began rambling about crucifixions and dragon's fire and transfiguration bombs.

Ophelia: Oh, yes, sir, understandable. It was a... lot... to take in.

-Cid realizes, once he hears the storm warning sirens, that Ophelia had been whispering the entire time, despite the clarity her words held.-

Ophelia: Feeling yourself die in multiple dimensions will do that to you, sir.

-He points to the pile of fallen records with a stiff arm.-

Cid: And what of them?

-She looks from the orb to him, her eyes skating smoothly as if preprogrammed to do so.-

Ophelia: I'm afraid you cannot kill an idea with war. Not without killing all who hold that idea simultaneously. And the ideas of the School are quite set. You must kill an idea with an idea.

-Cid motions out the window.-

Cid: And Team Iron is not that idea?

Ophelia: It is... complimentary.

-Cid's eyes flash with anger.-

Ophelia: From their perspective, sir, Team Iron's aims and theirs are indirectly complimentary. The raising of their New Humanity and the downfall of the gods are far from mutually exclusive - and may in fact be directly linked. On top of this, they are old. They have seen empires rise and fall, seen the Ghost Lord bring war and have seen the rise and fall of Smaug the Forgemaster - ah, apologies, wrong dimension again. As I was saying, they see Team Iron as... a child. A child throwing a fit at their elders.

Cid: The height of hubris.

Ophelia: The same could be said of us. The difference being the condescension the School holds towards us.

Cid: So how are we going to be able to deal with them?

-Ophelia lets out a witch's laugh, harsh and biting, in contrast to her soft whispering before.-

Ophelia: "We", sir? We both know the answer to that question.

-Cid grumbles.-

Ophelia: I ask you this, sir - which would you rather have after the beginning of a New Age? Former heroes, or eugenicists?

-Cid sits down at his desk, clasps his hands in front of him, and then leans his forehead against them.-

Cid: That... is a remarkably clarifying way to put it.

Ophelia: "Clarifying" is my duty, sir. What else would a Mind of Glass do?

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