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AbsentCoder Some Rando from Doofenshmirtz Neutral Incorporated Relationship Status: RelationshipOutOfBoundsException: 1
Some Rando
Sep 1st 2021 at 5:35:32 AM

Rebel Base

Angel chuckled. "Strap in. This is going to be something of a story.

"A couple of years ago another fox who had taken on a human guise much like myself put out flyers for people and Pokemon to apply to basically become anime-esque magical girls and boys. This was more or less for the intent of fighting off Glitches, which are something I don't really have time to get into, but basically they're entities that defy reality in some form or another," she started.

"Anyway, remember when there were big tears in the sky?" She asked. "Yeah, one of them was connected to the world of a popular video game, causing some characters to come here through no choice of their own. Some stayed, some didn't. But the thing you need to know is that villains came as well, and one of them was able to corrupt one of their [sailor scout] forms and turn it against us, taking her mind with her and basically forging an unfeeling murderbot of sorts."

"In a fit of 'no thank you' I terminated my contract but I've always wanted to get back into heroism since," she summarized. "And here I am now." She shrugged.

Parfum Palace

"Oh yeah there's definitely something sketchy," Kamui and Kendall agreed.

"I mean, I got this shadow with me," the latter started, having his floating craft mid-fold take on the inelegant form of shapeless pitch, large enough for him to step through.

[Insert Unoriginal Stinger Here]
QuantumMelody29 chaos catby with a flannel shirt addiction from somewhere Relationship Status: Who needs love when you have waffles?
chaos catby with a flannel shirt addiction
Sep 1st 2021 at 6:01:02 AM

Rebels island

Jess: Ah, I vaguely remember a friend talking about that.

I used to plug my deviantart here but turns out the link was too long.
Sep 1st 2021 at 7:59:37 AM

Defiant Wing

Silas stared at the news report, "Okay that's tauroshit right there."

Roxy quirked a brow, "Huh... Think it's the-"


"Figures... why couldn't we get the cool sexy alternate universe selves?" Roxy lamented, "We got the creeps and the weirdos who want us dead."

Silas sighed and picked up his phone.

To: Fruit-phobia
From: Fido

Hey if you need anything, lemme know. If you need to lay low I know some spots. Don't worry about being tracked, Bishop is currently spoofing the signals.

Tobias's HQ

Tobias looked at the news report and sighed, technically this would work to their favor... but she still wanted Orpheus Leashed. Least he was out in the open again... and if he still had the Traveler-Rig on hand, he could theoretically be tracked.

There was still the issue of the other him, of Silas. Beskar was a strong metal, but it wasn't invulnerable, the issue was time. It could be broken but that'd take time, and Tobias while patient, hated having to wade through a fight... he needed something that could break through.

There had to be something in the numerous timelines... a material.

Tobias clicked his fingers and a blade hilt appeared before him on his work desk, he set about working... he'd need this... who knows it may help him deal with Orpheus as well.

Sep 1st 2021 at 11:18:31 AM

CW: Blood, Dismemberment, Death

Wild Area, Giant's Cap

Thrown against the rock by Grieve, Hoops looks down at where their arm used to be. They're surprised that there is no pain - it's like they're seeing everything from a distance, or through a fog. They always said that if they lost a limb they'd joke that it was just a scratch and keep fighting, as they sat around campfires with Kec and their friends. Of course, they never expected that it would happen.

On the ground, Kec looks up and sees his trainer, blood pouring from deep wounds on their throat and groping absentmindedly at the place their arm once was.

Kec: <No!>

He dashes forwards, leaping up the rocks to reach Hoops. Sud and Tot try to follow, but they're too busy fighting Metagross and can't step away. Kec reaches Hoops just as the trainer manages to get to their feet, looking dazed.

Hoops: Oh, hey, Kec. It's nice to see you here.

Their voice is hoarse and pained, though they don't hear it like that themselves. It's the voice of a walking corpse.

Kec: <You'll be okay! Help will get here soon, I'm sure!>

Hoops grins dreamily, overcome by the shock of the pain that's making them delirious.

Hoops: Maybe Ian and Evs. Those guys are nice, they could be helpful. You know, I think we should ask them to join that J-Team that they talk about all the time. That would be nice, right?

Kec: <Yes. It would.>

Hoops: But it's not going to happen, is it? Sorry, old friend. For everything. Take care of the others for me, will you?

Kec: <I ->

Hoops is hit in the chest by a Psybeam attack. Kec turns and sees that the attack has come from the Porygon that floats above a shaking and crying Vana.

Vana: I had to.

Hoops is pushed off the top of the rock formation and rolls down, hitting it hard several times. A trail of blood follows them and makes a pool as they come to a stop. Not breathing. Not seeing. Lifeless.

Umbramatic Meet The New Boss from WAAPT usually, sometimes WHABP or maybe PEFE Relationship Status: Gay for Big Boss
Meet The New Boss
Sep 1st 2021 at 11:51:54 AM

School Trainwreck

Owen: Who are these people? What is going on? Why are they cleaning things?

Parfum Palace

-Inside is a very long, dark hallway-

-To another door-

-It's especially quiet in here-

Contact Me!
OPALGARNET16 Priest of the Temple of Syrinx from Nighttree, New Jersey Relationship Status: Abstaining
Priest of the Temple of Syrinx
Sep 1st 2021 at 12:48:35 PM

Circhester Stadium

Braker: "Ah. Figured."

Elton: <So 'e 'asn't caught a new Pokemon, then! It's just under their care!>

Cuddles: <They went to a museum? That sounds fun~>

Kim: "I wish I could have been there to see it."


EL: Bye!

Everybody left the chat.

Road to Spikemuth

(Kim is walking down the road to Spikemuth, accompanied by Braker, who is in turn accompanied by Walter and Cuddles. Soon afterwards, however, Ozzy promptly emerges from his PokeBall, and turns to face Kim.)

Ozzy: <Kimberly?>

(Kim promptly looks up.)

Kim: "Ozzy? What are you doing here?"

Ozzy: <I would like to inform you that we have decided on which Pokemon will fight in Spikemuth.>

Kim: "Oh? And who might they be?"

Ozzy: <Jagger, Geddy, Elton, Freddie, and Grohl.>

Kim: "Very well, then. I'll be excited to use them."

(Ozzy nods, before returning to his PokeBall. Kim, meanwhile, looks up— and sees Spikemuth in front of her.)

Kim: "We're here."

Braker: "Should we wait for Ian and Evelyn to arrive before we battle, though?"

Kim: "We probably should."

(And soon enough, they do exactly that, waiting for a few moments for Ian and Evelyn's arrival.)

Meat Palace

(Beat. Braker, Walter, and Cuddles promptly hear the sounds coming from near them, and turn to face each other.)

Cuddles: <RUN—!>

(And with that said, they immediately make a run for it out of the Meat Palace.)


(They're the first to arrive back.)

Parfum Palace

(Kim and Braker both arrive and look around for a few moments while stepping through the doors. As usual, Walter and Cuddles are by Braker's side, whereas Kim has sent out Elton and the four Beatlemons.)

Kim: "Well. This should be fun."

Elton: <I can barely wait to start folding things~!>

John: <Why did you have to send us out?! I'm the only one of us that can actually fold origami paper!>

Paul: <She probably wanted all of us to try it out, y'know? Either that or she's giving you guys chokers— pretty obvious when you think about it, really.>


George: <She has chokers.>

John: <Don't think I didn't hear her the first time, you blithering idiot! What are they even for, anyways?>

Paul: <For turning all of you human, of course.>



George: <You don't want to have hands?>

John: <I already have them, thank you very much! If anything, you three are the ones who need the chokers!>

Ringo: <Well, I don't think you or George 'ave e'en tried 'em yet...>

George: <That's true.>

Kim: "I do have two extra chokers available."

Elton: <I don't think I've ever used one, either, now that I think about it! This should be really fun!>

Kim: (smiles) "Make that three."

Elton: <Alright~!>

Ringo: <Are we going to run into anybo'y 'ere?>

George: <I don't know.>

(Meanwhile, on Braker's side, Walter smirks.)

Walter: <They seem just like the actual [Beatles].>

Braker: "They do indeed, don't they?"

Cuddles: <Ringo's right about one thing though: THERE'S GOING TO BE PEOPLE THERE~! I wonder if there'll be cookies, too...>

Braker: "I don't know yet, Cuddles; we'll have to wait and see."

(And then the two groups enter the site of the action, and see the dark hallway.)

Kim: "A dark hallway?"

Braker: "Should we go in, I wonder...?"

(And almost immediately, Ringo jumps up into the air and leads the way.)

Ringo: <"Should we go in"? Is that e'en a question? O' course we will!>

Kim: "But we don't even know what we'll find in there."

Ringo: <Well, tha's de fun o' it, innit? We get ta see someplace we've ne'er e'en been! C'mon!>

(And with that said, he goes forward into the dark hallway. The rest of the Beatlemons turn to face each other, before John eventually shrugs and rolls his eyes, floating behind him. The rest of the Beatlemons soon follow.)

John: (to himself) <He's crazy, really...>

Elton: <Well, if they're goin' in, so am I! What do you think, Kim?>

(Kim pauses for a few moments, then turns to face Braker, who nods at her.)

Kim: "Very well, then. Let's go."

(And with that said, Elton, Kim, Braker, Walter, and Cuddles follow them through the dark hallway.)

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DuneTheWanderer Burger Scientist from Nowhere, USA
Burger Scientist
Sep 1st 2021 at 1:50:44 PM

Gateon Port

-Ludmilla enters the bar. The bartender's reflexes kick in as he's about to ask for age, before he notices who it is. He waves it off, with Ludmilla smiling in return.-

-After a quick glance around, Ludmilla goes to sit at a booth occupied by one other individual - someone whose only real outward feature, outside of their black hoodie (that looks intensely uncomfortable to wear in the Orran summer heat) is the four or five nose rings they have crammed on there.-

Ludmilla: You said you had something.

-The punk smiles as they pull out something cylindrical wrapped in a torn strip of denim.-

Ludmilla: Okay, yes, and what do you want, Teach?

Teach: What's... my favorite color?

-Ludmilla gives a much-put-upon sigh as she rolls her eyes.-

Ludmilla: "Flaming Sword Red", it was the color you had your room painted when you were six.

-The punk gives a giggle that in most circumstances might necessitate some sort of psychological evaluation and hands the package to Ludmilla.-

Teach: One of the boys found it where it weren't supposed to be.

Ludmilla: As in...?

Teach: Blood samples for Chris Morton Memorial Hospital.

Ludmilla: ... You where breaking into-

Teach: Ey, ey, calm down, luv. We only crack into the stuff that don't match the shipping records. That package was a whole half-pound too heavy. Not enough for the boys at the shipyard to care, but them lab types ain't so happy rounding numbers, see? That's the stuff you gotta watch out for in this job.

-Ludmilla keeps the stare for a second before unwrapping the package. Inside is a glass sample vial, filled with... hair?-

Ludmilla: ... What the hell is this?

Teach: Hair.

Ludmilla: Philosophically and metaphorically, what the hell is this?

Teach: That, is illegal contraband.

Ludmilla: ... Why?

Teach: Because the owner's been dead for two hundred years.

Ludmilla: ... Mc Fuckin' scuse me?

Teach: Ah, you've been hangin' around me and the lads too much. Right, so. That, is the hair of one Joselyn Margarita Elvenheim, a random lady from the Kalos region who was said to be a gifted fortune teller.

Ludmilla: ... Grave robbery for samples.

Teach: Got it in one. And that would mean...?

Ludmilla: ... The Chris Morton Memorial Hospital is a School Front.

Teach: That's two... and the third...?

Ludmilla: ... Grandpa...

Teach: There we go. Crossed the finish line.

Ludmilla: ... I need to go.

-Ludmilla turns to go before Teach puts their hand up.-

Teach: Ah, just a sec, luv, got something special for you, on the house.

-They reach into their hoodie pouch and pull out something that looks like the disassembled bottom half of a gun that someone slapped a miniature car battery onto.-

Teach: Arc Thrower, Jackal Self Defense's pride and joy. No wires, no contacts, just point, and zap. No lethality, but all of the muscle seizures and sensory overload to make you wish it was.

Ludmilla: "On the house"?

Teach: You tipping us off about this whole conspiracy has been the best fun me and the lads have had in years. And, look at it this way - if it's coming from a corporation, it ain't stealing, it's reclamation.

Ludmilla: You keep saying that.

Teach: That's because it's true.

Metanoia like christ, but with more nails from Antarctica
like christ, but with more nails
Sep 1st 2021 at 5:00:17 PM

Cemetery, past

Channah: -looks from Tagg to Spectrier as they trade words, one eyebrow raised-

Parfum Palace, past

Kamon: -scratches his blackened hair while he takes in the others gathering- Ooooh. Kinda spooky! -follows the group inside-

Big Savings: -appears shocked, stares at Kamon- <It's...> -trails after him-

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Daydre That's just how it is on this bitch of an earth from the trash Relationship Status: Gone fishin'
That's just how it is on this bitch of an earth
Sep 1st 2021 at 5:05:38 PM

Mushraiments, Past

Aislin smiles a slightly tired smile.

Aislinn: ".. Not exactly, no."

"I... That was that woman's surname, yes. I see they have a more widespread reputation than I was aware of."

Jacqueline: "Hm? It sounds like there's a story there. Did they steal from you too?"

[Venice], July 7th

Shadows can't sweat, but if they could Rikuo probably would.

Giuseppe's Shadow: ".. Yes! Uh, ascending to the afterlife changes one's perspective on a lot of things."

"Now uh... Go! Move on with your life!"

Before the Golbat can do anything else, Rikuo vworps back to Daydre's shadow.

not!Daydre breathes a sigh of relief as Rikuo returns.

"... Please don't do that again without like, telling me exactly what you're planning??"

Rikuo: <:T Okay fine.>

(To Suiko) "I uh... I guess??"

Courage need not be remembered, for it is never forgotten.
AnimeboyIanpower Empathic Kid Hero-in-training from Queen Mary's Castle Relationship Status: Brewing the love potion
Empathic Kid Hero-in-training
Sep 1st 2021 at 5:34:18 PM

Circhester Stadium, VS Gordie and Melony

Melony: Mr. Rime, use Psychic!

Evelyn: Simon, use your Psychic!

Gordie: Shuckle, use Struggle Bug!

Me: Blossom, use Ancient Power!

-The pattern on Melony's Mr. Rime's belly glows a bright yellow as he unleashes a psychic wave at Simon, whose eyes glow blue as he unleashes a psychic wave at Mr. Rime. The two psychic waves collide and push against each other, as though Simon and Mr. Rime engaged in a battle of wits. Gordie's Shuckle begins to glow with a red aura and thrash about trying to strike both Simon and Blossom with a powerful attack. Blossom gathers a mystical power from a time long forgotten, blurring the line between past and present as she FIRES HER LAZOR at Gordie's Shuckle.-

Meat Palace

Joybringer: I think it's time we hightail it on out of here.

Cu Chulainn: <Aye!>

-Cu Chulainn returns to Joybringer as the Joybringer's Heart mask re-appears on his face. He then picks Evelyn up in a princess carry and runs with her, moving to exit the Palace.-

Parfum Palace

Me: Huh?

Evelyn: That's odd... There's no one here...

Piku-chan: <Maybe we're early?>

Hatty: <Can't be... The Festival's already been set up.>

Evelyn: Think we should go in and ask about it?

Me: Of course.

-Ian bows and sweeps his arm pointing towards the gate to the Palace.-

Me: Ladies first.

Evelyn: -giggles- Oh, Ian. You're most welcome.

-Evelyn and Hatty head in to the Palace with Ian and Piku-chan following close behind them.-

Inside Parfum Palace

Me: Wow, does this place feel empty.

Evelyn: I wonder... Did anyone else arrive here, or is it just us?

Piku-chan: <Hopefully we're not alone.>

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memyselfandI2 Dunsparce Cloud from The Biosphere Relationship Status: Hooked on a feeling
Dunsparce Cloud
Sep 1st 2021 at 6:00:22 PM

Stormchaser, past

Apple-A-Day: Yeah, I've seen you do some amazing things!

Percy: Eh. I've more or less plumbed the depth of applications I'm willing to consider. If I use anything more I start running into the issue of burning power I need to have the right half of my brain intact. But it's not quite what I mean.

There's a spirituality around people like us. Aura Guardian cults and other groups cared about us. I got really into that sort of stuff when I first started using the Internet, and...sort of fell out of it a few years later, when I realized I didn't really have any connection to any of the cultures that cared.

But power like that is supposed to be a gift. Possibly one from the gods, but that's just a question of religion. It's not...something that you can just scribble into an unborn child. It's not meant to be just another inventive way of inflicting harm on people, like the School seems to use it for. I wanted to do something good with my powers, but it still doesn't feel right. Maybe I'm overthinking. Seeing you and seeing Mason again, it's like...maybe that's what it's supposed to be? Maybe that's closer to being worthwhile.

Apple-A-Day: I didn't know you were religious.

Percy: I'm spiritual. There's a difference.

Apple-A-Day: I know there's a difference!

Old Cemetery

-there's a long silence-

-then a wheezing hacksaw noise, like a very old horse laughing-

-the graves shift and chatter-

Spectrier: (in their own voice, a choked and rotting bass) <You are interesting. It's rare I find anyone I can speak to without the dead as a shield against my anger.>

<I admire that you didn't think your attempt at concealment would preclude a need to tell the truth in its entire. I deal in darkness and shadow, and I know falsehood when I smell it. If you had lied to me, I would have destroyed you out of hoof. Out of respect for the burdens you carry, the struggles of your ancestors, and your bonds with your Pokemon, I will refrain.>

-the fog boils-

<What you say of the world intrigues me. But I have no interest in your offer. I was never meant for the world of man, and I think that your world, your laws, would make me less than I am now. Perhaps if more shared your beliefs, but...I doubt they do, and you alone are not enough.>

-Spectrier opens their eye. It's milky with cataracts, and more fog pours from it like repentance from the mouths of the dying. It hisses against the air, whispers of dark fates audible in it-

<I will take the offering you have made to me, and we will go our separate ways, and you will pray to your ancient gods that we never cross paths again. If you try and stop me...we can always get back to the part where I destroy you, and I will cut your stories short and your corpses will grow my garden.>

-the fog curls around them like armor, and they lean down to nibble the carrots-

-the graves rattle and the dirt shifts-

Dunsparce didn't stop being a thing or anything.
Sep 1st 2021 at 7:18:48 PM

Galar - The Temple Of Steel

They awoke, with the dawning of time they awoke. The sounds of galar were singing once more, the hiss of industry off in the distance, the churning of gears and steel. They knew Galar was active once again.

The steel being stretched a bit, and stood up, <My Temple has been inactive for too long...> they said.

Signis stood, observing the weathered area, seems their temple had fallen into disuse. Time to fix that.

rmctagg09 The Wanderer from Brooklyn, NY Relationship Status: I won't say I'm in love
The Wanderer
Sep 1st 2021 at 7:43:33 PM

Stormchaser, far past

Chiyo: -To Percy- I've spent a while trying to figure that all out, and I'd agree that our powers are... more than just tools in the service of hurting people for a eugenicist cult. I feel like the gods have been watching over me, it's probably part of why I've survived for so long, but that's admittedly my speculation alone.

-Looking up at the ceiling-

I won't pretend that I have all the answers, but if you think what I'm doing is something worth emulating then... apart from feeling flattered, I think it puts us closer to figuring out what the true answer is, if there is one.

-Making a disc orbit around her-

I make barriers, that protect both myself and my loved ones, I think that's worthwhile. Even if we didn't choose the method of our birth, it's what we do with the lives we have, whether short or long, that makes us, us.

Mushraiments, past

-To Aislinn and Jacqueline-

The Macrauls are a Kalosian family of collectors, except they're not always the most moral in how they do their collecting. One of them stole my Blaziken from me a couple years back, and the other tried adding a friend to their taxidermy collection. I made sure they paid for those, dearly.


So yeah, theft and murder is definitely in the cards for them if they want something. Do you know their first name, they may be one I know of.

Parfum Palace, yesterday

Ann: -Looking at the door- ...I don't like this.

Old Cemetery, also yesterday

-As the area gets foggier-

Alright then Spectrier, if my words cannot sway you, then we'll handle things your way. How about a test of power? Ours against yours.

Muddy: -Unsure- <Tagg...>

If we manage to win, then you'll have to see if you can get the flexibility to see things my way. If we lose, well, I imagine the spirit of not only an Attribute bearer but a Soul of Silver would taste pretty good to you, if being interesting won't necessarily spare us from your wrath. And just my soul, everyone else is to be allowed to leave unharmed, I think mine would be worth far more than theirs, and my corpse would make great fertilizer for your carrots.

Muddy: -Running up- <Make that two! I am also a Soul of Silver, I cannot let you devour them, including my own blood.>



Muddy: <Through triumph or ruin, our fates are intertwined. Better take both us Souls then.>


Fine, but we can't err in this fight.

Hitodama: -Lighting up- <So, we have a battle, huh?> ​

Akiko: <Seems like it Hitodama.>

Yew: <Eh, I don't feel like letting you just eat their souls like that. I do thievery, but that's a little much even for me.>

-To the group as I pull back my sleeve to reveal the Mega Armband-

Those of you who aren't up to this task, just stay back.

-As the mons prepare to fight, the now Mega Evolved Muddy beside me as Cam looks on in shock-

So Spectrier, what do you say? Do we have a deal? Our strength against yours, Muddy and I's very souls on the line? Power alone takes many forms.

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Umbramatic Meet The New Boss from WAAPT usually, sometimes WHABP or maybe PEFE Relationship Status: Gay for Big Boss
Meet The New Boss
Sep 1st 2021 at 7:52:50 PM

Parfumm Palace

-The door looks unlocked-

Contact Me!
AbsentCoder Some Rando from Doofenshmirtz Neutral Incorporated Relationship Status: RelationshipOutOfBoundsException: 1
Some Rando
Sep 1st 2021 at 7:58:16 PM

Parfum Palace

Shaking his head, the Unovan turned to look back at his shadow, gesturing with a palm and bringing a second Kendall out from it.

"Scout 'em out."

He winked and pushed open the unlocked door, serving as his progenitor's remote eyes and ears.

[Insert Unoriginal Stinger Here]
Daydre That's just how it is on this bitch of an earth from the trash Relationship Status: Gone fishin'
That's just how it is on this bitch of an earth
Sep 1st 2021 at 8:49:03 PM

Mushraiments, Past

Aislinn: "That about lines up with what I've found trying to find out more about them. And the things they did to my... Well, suffice it to say I can see why you'd want to make them pay."

Her smile takes on a very dark undertone.

Jacqueline: "That's... they tried adding your friend to a taxidermy collection? While they were alive??"

Aislinn: "Her name is Morata. She lives in Galar, moved here from Kalos when she was young. Has a small manor just outside Wyndon. She has a [Wikipedia] page if you need to look her up. None of it mentions her more unsavoury activities, but I kind of expected that."

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memyselfandI2 Dunsparce Cloud from The Biosphere Relationship Status: Hooked on a feeling
Dunsparce Cloud
Sep 1st 2021 at 10:32:30 PM

Stormchaser, past

Percy: ...Heh. Yeah.

Old Cemetery

Spectrier: <...Ah.>

-they lift their head from the carrots-

<I offered you a way out. I suppose I must admire your tenacity.>

<...But this won't be a test of strength. Forgive me, but that was settled before you walked this earth.>

-the fog curls around them-

<If you wish to survive this, you will demonstrate to me the ideal you espouse. Or you'll die. I'll be disappointed...>

-the fog disappears, and they're gone-

<But I'll live.>


-there's a wail, and a deeper darkness amidst the shadows as a column of obscuric flame bears down on Hitodama-

Spectrier used Shadow Ball Pillar!

Dunsparce didn't stop being a thing or anything.
rmctagg09 The Wanderer from Brooklyn, NY Relationship Status: I won't say I'm in love
The Wanderer
Sep 1st 2021 at 11:41:09 PM

Stormchaser, far past

Chiyo: -Briefly Checking the time- I'd love to chat with you some more, but Dactyl and I ought to be heading out now, I've got people outside of here expecting me. I'd love to stay here full time but, considering my status, if the School were to cotton on to the fact that the J-Team and I are in any way in league, it would be kind of a headache and potentially compromise everyone since they'd probably get very panicky, but I'll still come to visit when I get the chance so the Stormchaser doesn't try to stop me from leaving like a Stoutland standing in front of the door.

-The last part of the previous sentence is said semi-jokingly-

Also I still like to do my own thing and being a full time J-Teamer's a bit of a commitment. Of course, if you guys want to talk and I'm not on the Stormchaser you can reach me through this right here...

-Handing Percy and Apple-A-Day her contact information-

It was nice meeting you both and I hope we get more chances to talk in the future. Oh, and Apple-A-Day?


Take good care of Percy will you, as a fellow escapee she's precious cargo, and also yourself.

-With that said, Chiyo turns to leave, Dactyl following behind-

Mushraiments, past

-To Jacqueline-

Yeah their collection was kinda fucked up even by Macraul standards, we made them destroy it.


Morata Macraul, huh? Not familiar with that name at all. I'd be careful with that desire for revenge though, you slip up and you could get a lot more hurt than you were already.

Is this something worth gathering the other Thieves for? We'd have to see if she even has a distortion whether as a Palace or in Mementos to change, you can understand yourself completely and still be a terrible person regardless. I should probably tell Daydre about this when I get the chance and ask what she thinks.

Old Cemetery, Tuesday

Hitodama: -Mimimizing to avoid the Shadow Pillar- <I don't think Uncle Xerneas and Aunt Yveltal would be all that happy if you killed me, you know!>

-Eyes briefly glow before she fires a Shadow Ball of her own-

<We've come too far to give up now!>

-Eyes glow with Aura Sense as the other mons start huddling together-

Tagg used Foresight!

The foe Spectrier was identified!


-Of course, not all Pokémon are limited to just sight-

Muddy: -Rushes at them with a Liquidation-formed kanabo, using his headfins to sense direction-

Akiko: -Uses Defog to attempt clearing the fog- <I'm not staying on the sidelines this time!>

Magtail: -Rushes at where she figures Spectrier is, jaws outstretched to Crunch-

Yew: -Bounds before attempting to ram them with her head-

Diplo: -Seemingly disappears-

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Wyndon Rain Bistro - Aug 21st

-Alice hears the sound of the commotion outside, and is suddenly on her feet, one hand on her Pokeballs. She sees the masked and yet familiar perpetrator fleeing the scene and narrows her eyes suspiciously.-

Alice: What in the-

-Amidst the chaos, she is interrupted by the sudden appearance of another figure jumping down from the roof - also familiar, clad in a costume resembling a Salazzle, landing on spring-heeled boots with a Crobat swooping down by her side. She looks in the direction that the perpetrator fled and calls out.-

Whiptail: Hey! Stop, thief! Tapu, it feels weird saying that...

-She takes off after them with Gangrel flying alongside, firing off a crackling purple Aura Sphere as she goes.-

Ballonlea - Past

-Shun blinks. His usual composure seems to have run into a brick wall when dealing with Ever.-

Shun: How do you know my- never mind. It's public record, I'll assume you pulled my file.

-He straightens his tie and folds his arms.-

Shun: In any case, I suppose you have a point about the fallibility of institutions. "Faith" is perhaps a strong word, but if Tagg has - for whatever reason - chosen you to act in his stead, then I suppose that'll have to do. Thankfully for us both, it's not a question of whether or not I happen to trust you. It's a question of whether she chooses to do so.


Also I made that joke already. It was funnier when I said it.

-He glances back at Jade.-

Shun: In my experience? This is an outlier. Mercifully.

Wild Area, Giant's Cap - Past

-Ferrum scoffs as the last breath leaves Hoops's body, summoning his hammer to hand with a flick of the wrist as he looks disdainfully at Vana.-

Ferrum: Finally. Coulda done that a few minutes ago, but hey, better late than never. And chin up, kid. If you're gonna blubber like that the whole way back I've got half a mind to just leave you here.

-The swirling tornado of metal scrap around the rock begins to abate as Ferrum calls his Metagross over, glancing at Nitrogen.-

Ferrum: Job well done, eh? And there I was thinking that the staff had gone soft, keeping you around. Guess they made a good call.

???, Counselor's Office

-Bela, having finally acquired a new helmet so that her face is once again hidden, is sat opposite the Counselor's desk tapping her foot. Eventually, the man himself emerges through the door, heaving a put-upon sigh.-

The Counselor: Ah, Bela. My apologies for the delay in being able to actually sit down for another session. The last couple of weeks have been a... well, the word "trainwreck" is quite literally accurate, but at the same time feels like it doesn't even begin to describe the situation. At the very least, some heads are going to roll, I'd imagine!

-He chuckles, with something that's almost an emotion, before looking down at Bela.-

The Counselor: But again, enough about the stresses of my job. We're here to celebrate your success!

Bela: ~I did what I was expected to do, alongside those who were sent with me. Hardly cause for celebration unless expectations are miserably low.~

The Counselor: At present? You'd be surprised.

-He takes his seat at his desk and clasps his hands together.-

The Counselor: Anyways, onto business. We're here to discuss the retrieval of Subject Ruthven's memories, both for the sake of our own analysis and to prevent them from leaking anything that could be... compromising, shall we say. I take it you have already prepared a suitable medium?

-Bela pauses for a moment, then nods, and produces from one of her belt pouches what appears to be a small, broken crystal shard suspended in a vial of some sort of liquid.-

Bela: ~Everything I was able to retrieve is stored in here. It should contain all the relevant information that you requested. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to extract her memories completely.~

The Counselor: Well, thank goodness for that. I don't think anyone wants to go trawling through all twenty-something tedious years of a lab Rattata's life looking for the useful bits.

-Bela shifts in her chair slightly, and the Counselor raises an eyebrow.-

The Counselor: Is something wrong?

Bela: ~...I should have been able to take everything. Drain her, then kill her. That was a failure on my part.~

The Counselor: Come now, Bela. Even with that helmet on I know when you don't quite believe what you say. Or think, as it were.

-He taps his finger against his desk.-

The Counselor: I think I understand what's happening here. There is always a certain amount of empathic... backlash, shall we say, that come with using your abilities. Subject Ruthven was your primary genetic donor, and as such, their similarity to yourself has made that feeling stronger. It feels as though their memories are your own. Am I correct?

-Bela is silent.-

The Counselor: It's an entirely predictable phenomenon. Honestly, we should have warned you of the possibility before we sent you on this assignment, so that you would be better prepared to deal with it. That's on me. Still, you've handled it admirably. Your mental discipline does you credit.

-He smiles faintly.-

The Counselor: Ruthven will remain on our list. We'll see about removing them as a distraction, when we have the resources to spare. Does that sound good?

-Bela nods, slowly. The Counselor's smile widens as he takes the crystal and tucks it away into a drawer on his desk.-

The Counselor: Excellent. Now, onto your report.

-He produces a sheaf of papers from another drawer and squints at it, adjusting a pair of non-existent glasses.-

The Counselor: Not a lot to say about Ferrum, I notice.

Bela: ~He is a Templar. He was able to distract Ruthven and her companion for long enough to see the mission completed. Anything else is extraneous detail.~

The Counselor: Don't worry, you can say you didn't like him. He's not exactly... easy to get along with, to put it lightly. But then that's not what he was made to do.

-When Bela doesn't comment, he continues.-

The Counselor: You speak quite glowingly of Neodymium's performance. It almost sounds as if you're quite fond of her.

Bela: ~That was not my intention. She is foolish, impulsive, and utterly dismissive of proper discipline and protocol. I find it difficult to tolerate her even when the parameters of a mission demand that I do so.~

The Counselor: And that's all you wish to say on the subject?

Bela: ~...She acquitted herself well. She's not good in a fight, but she's smart. Adaptable. Used her abilities in clever ways. It was probably only because of her that I succeeded.~

-The Counselor lowers his papers and looks at her quizzically.-

The Counselor: ...Hrm. I have to say, this is quite a contradictory picture you're painting me. You are, I trust, assume of what her projected exam results are?

Bela: ~...It would be out of order for me to speculate. But she seems quite confident.~

The Counselor: Does she now? That's interesting.

-Bela tilts her head, and the Counselor chuckles.-

The Counselor: Never mind. I think I may have said too much already. Was there anything else you had to add?

-Bela hesitates, seemingly deep in thought for several moments. Eventually, she decides to make them known.-

Bela: ~...Before the mission. Alumnus Forty-Two. Molybdenum. She was-~

The Counselor: Oh, you don't have to worry about Molybdenum.

Bela: ~You didn't let me finish. Her behaviour, her thought patterns, there was a clear-~

-She is cut off by the Counselor waving a hand, his voice suddenly harsh and clipped.-

The Counselor: Molybdenum will always do as she is ordered. That much I can guarantee. She is an Alumnus for a reason, and it is not your place to question her. If I have reason to doubt her, then she will be spoken to. Until then she is your senior and you will do as she tells you. Understand?

Bela: ~...I understand.~

The Counselor: Good girl. I knew you would.

-His tone softens, and he smiles again.-

The Counselor: At the end of the day, yours is a story of qualified success, Bela. I reckon I can arrange a much more fulfilling assignment for you much closer to home. You're enjoy it, I think, and it will also help test your readiness for your own exams.

-Bela nods. The high-risk, illict teacup medium feels heavy in its pocket, and a headache is building in her left temple.-

The Counselor: For now, your schedule has been cleared of duties for the day. You've also been given an hour's access to one of the recreation terminals.

Bela: ~Thank you, sir.~

The Counselor: Please. "Sir" makes me feel like an old man. Just call me... well, I suppose I am an old man, so "sir" is fitting after all.

-He chuckles to himself.-

The Counselor: In any case, you're dismissed. Oh, and Bela?

Bela: ~Yes, sir?~

The Counselor: Good work. You're proving to be reliable, and you do what you're told, and that's becoming something of a rarity these days. I have high hopes for you.

-Bela says nothing, but beneath her eyeless helmet, there is the ghost of a smile.-

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-Neon is here to pick up some local snacks-

-When an Eevee runs into him-

Neon: "Ow! Wait, you're-"

Fou: <A J-Teamer! <Finally! You gotta help me! That IDIOT has gotten in way over his head!>

Neon: "Which idiot? What about his head?"

Fou: <Just... Follow me!>

-Neon does so-

Parfum Palace

-The group is now in the grand hall of Parfum Palace-

-A voice echoes from the balcony-

-A familiar one-

???: J-Team... Is that you?

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Contact Me!
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Parfum Palace

(The Beatlemons, Elton, Kim, Braker, Walter, and Cuddles all look up upon hearing the noise.)

John: <Who in the bloody hell was that?!>

George: <Not sure.>

Braker: "Well, this is interesting."

Paul: <They know we're J-Team?>

Elton: <'Ello there! Should we know you...?>

Ringo, Cuddles: <Hi, mysterious voice!>

Kim: "Yes, we are J-Team. What do you want?"

(beat, she notices Kendall)

Kim: "Oh. Hello, Rever."

Cuddles: (waves at him, blushes with slight nervousness)


Kim: "And Ian. And Evelyn."

Cuddles: <Hello~!>

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Defiant Wing - Sector 4

Arthur stood at the teleporter, "How many are we supposed to get?"

"There are 4 Captains," Hayden noted reading over the tablet, "A Rotom, a Magnezone, Gigalith, and a Scissor. They are the captains of large pirate organizations. Get them on our side, and suddenly we have another whole fleet on our side for the final battle."

"The battle against Metanet," Arthur muttered, "Still odd that the Alakagross exist out here."

"Timelines and Universes are... adjacent to each other," Hayden explained, "Similarities are abound with them, the closer a universe is to another, the more similarities they share. This parallel world is described as 'parallel' for a reason. It is much like ours, running parallel but going other ways instead of intersecting."

The teleporter flashed twice as the Captains of the Pirate fleet entered, and soon stared at Arthur, bare helmeted. The look in their eyes said it all.

Captain Telluric (Rotom) blinked and considered their vast history, trying to remember if any Rotom expedition ships had ever seen anything like him... they had not.

Kanako (Gigalith) pondered if this had any relation to the odd shape of the Mandacario Captain that sat at the Helm of the ship... she concluded it had to be.

Captain Gravis (Magnezone) observed the interior of the ship, it was unfamiliar, comfortable yet... ready for the worst. Where did it come from?

Captain Blades (Scissor) stepped on board, his tattered outfit stating he had seen many battles, he looked over the interior and grinned to himself, <Quite the setup here.>

Arthur rolled his eyes a bit and lead them to the lounge of the ship.

Vali Hospital

Delta dug his machete out and swung it underhanded at Lightwave, they put up another shield, "What are you doing? I am a psychic master, I can form forcefields at ease. You can't stab me!"

Delta tilted his head, "Who said anything about stabbing you?"

Lightwave suddenly felt a wing grip onto their back, as up raised a Noivern with rather prominent fangs. It was Dracula, Delta's vampiric monster.

<So good to see you this evening,> Dracula said.

Kings Ransom - July 7th

Dr. White looked over to his new guest and smiled, "Ah. A individual of scientific stature hm?"

He chuckled, "Verify? My good miss, if you want information like that, perhaps you'd like to wager that."

He gestured to the Roulette table, "Care to place a bet?"

In Rosalinde's ear, she would hear a slight crackle and then, "I'm in the systems. I can rig anything here. Just tell me what you want."

Kincade continued to lead the party around, talking about his history in "Business". Dimitri smiling as he continued to talk.

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Wyndon Rain Bistro-August 21

Brie: ...So that's unusual, right?


-she leaps out of her chair, landing on Halcyon-

Brie: Come on! We need to help control the flames, at least! Light Screen!

-Halcyon begins setting down panels of glowing material to block heat and sparks-

Halcyon: ~Fire control. It's just like having Skyfire around.~

Brie: Hush, you. The sooner we can deal with whatever's going on the sooner we can go back to having a nice lunch.

Ballonlea, past

Ever: Outlier, but for good cause. Competent Pokemon trainers tend to be weird, it's a nigh-universal result of a long time spent bonding principally with non-humans who have non-human priorities and interests.

Or, you know, that's what I tell myself. Maybe I'm just inherently peculiar. Who knows.

An-y-way. Multiversal stuff. Hooray! Thought we were done with that nonsense after we fixed the sky twice, but no, someone's always gotta decide that they know what they're doing, this time it's gonna work out, promise.

-they flip to another page in their notebook-

I can get you to asylum easy enough, but I'd like to know anything you can tell me about this Rainbow Rocket. Forewarned is forearmed, and...well, I've only got the one arm, so you can see why I'd be concerned.

Stormchaser, past

Percy: Oh yeah! Good luck!

Apple-A-Day: Mhm!

-as Chiyo leaves, Apple-A-Day puts an arm around Percy, who rolls her eye but accepts it with good grace-

Apple-A-Day: Precious cargo! That's what she said.

Percy: -rueful grin-

Apple-A-Day: But never fear, I'll keep you safe.

Percy: She said to keep yourself safe too, Apple.

Apple-A-Day: For the last time, just Apple sounds ridiculous.

Old Cemetery

Spectrier: <As per the terms of our contract, Hitodama, you will be spared. But you took the challenge, and I can't promise you'll walk away without a scratch.>

-the fog blows away, revealing a scrap of shadow lurking-

-even without the fog, they're barely visible to normal eyes-

-as Magtail and Yew charge in, their attacks seem to find purchase, but it's like trying to tear through smoke wrapped around iron. The power that Spectrier carries outstrips their physical form-

-the graves shriek and cackle, things best not looked at too closely tearing their way free-

-Spectrier goes intangible, racing across the battlefield as they pass through Magtail and Yew, charging headlong for Muddy-

Spectrier: <You meet your challenges face to face. It's a start.>

<But you really shouldn't.>

-and collides with the Liquidation-


-sleepers wake from their beds-

-the adults don't take long to return to sleep, but children understand the world better-

-Spectrier is out hunting. This is a night to be indoors-

Old Cemetery

<The humans aren't worthless in their entire. There's much to be learned from them.>

-the shockwave ripples out, Spectrier seeming barely fazed by the half-team's-worth of attacks that were just thrown at them-

-everyone else will start to feel a sense of...age. The minor points of stress, each little bit of accumulating damage that never quite gets healed all the way, all of those are suddenly possibilities, cracks in the armor and reminders that someday, Spectrier will come along again, and there will be no fighting them-

-more prosaically, though, the ground explodes in every direction-

Spectrier used Bulldoze!

Dunsparce didn't stop being a thing or anything.
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Mushraiments, Past

Jacqueline shudders.

Jacqueline: "Well it's good that that ended well."

Aislinn: "Mm. I'll be careful..."

Her face is back to her usual smile, and her tone of voice makes it hard to tell whether she's being sincere about that or not.

Aislinn: "Since we've told you this much, I suppose... Consider this a formal request for help? I would rather not get people involved in my family's business, but I don't want Jackie yelling at me again."

Aislinn says these words with notable reluctance. Jacqueline gives her a half-annoyed half-amused look.

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