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YMMV / The Ugly Little Boy (1991)

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  • Tear Jerker: The Ugly Little Boy - A pediatric nurse is brought in by Mega-Corp Stasis Inc. to care for their latest "experiment", a Neanderthal child brought to the present via unstable time travel, but has to be kept in an enclosure because the method of time travel cannot remove the person pulled from their time from the area. Everyone except the nurse treats the poor kid like an animal at worst, and at best a curious experiment, despite him being as intelligent as a slightly-below-average human child. The nurse eventually thinks of the boy as her own child and attempts to remove him from the enclosure, but this fails and instead the nurse plans on returning with the boy when he must be returned to his original time. Their fate is unknown (though expanded upon in the 1991 novel Child Of Time): The novel portrays the child's Neanderthal clan and how they deal with the Cro-Magnon "other ones" plus their own sense of foreboding that they will become extinct. When the nurse appears with the vanished child they assume she embodies their Goddess, and since she is clearly an "other one" but has cared for the boy and he's fine, this must mean that coexistence is possible (modern genetic evidence bears this out).


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