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YMMV / The Libertines

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  • Awesome Music: Plenty, but Up the Bracket, Time for Heroes, What Became of the Likely Lads and Can't Stand Me Now stand out.
  • Ho Yay: Pints and pints and pints of the stuff, to the extent that most people who discuss why they like the band will mention things like "the romance", or "the relationship between Pete and Carl." It doesn't help that they are very fond of sharing one mic between them and getting very, very close. It is harder to find a picture of them not being physically affectionate than it is to find one where they are. This is probably the most famous example. Things got so bad that, when the NME did an article on indie bandslash (which became much more visible because of the sheer quantity written about Pete and Carl) it was illustrated with a (SFW) fanart painting of the two of them kissing.


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