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YMMV / The Last of the Renshai

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  • Moment of Awesome: There are a few over the series, as is only to be expected:
    • Rache's aforementioned last stand, where he prays for a final burst of strength in order to die on his feet.
    • Arduwynn shooting the evil King of the East, despite Colbey's being so close that he could have easily missed and accidentally killed the Renshai warrior instead.
    • Colbey overcoming the army of small beasties as part of his initiation into the order of the Wizards. Most applicants try tactical or magical solutions, such as charming the creatures or striking down the leader to claim his place. Colbey's solution? He just keeps fighting wave after wave. The survivors end up concluding that he must be a god. He's a Renshai. It's what they do.
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    • Near the end of the first trilogy, when Colbey reveals his plan to the Wizards opposing him.
  • Take That, Scrappy!: Kevral getting her ass handed to her by Colbey, then receiving a "The Reason You Suck" Speech from her aforementioned hero. It was the beginning of some seriously needed Character Development.

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