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YMMV / The Kommandents Mistress

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  • Asshole Victim: Sharon and Rebekah. They, along with a few other inmates, routinely abuse Leah physically and verbally for thinking she has a soft life compared to the sheer torture and forced labor they are subject to. This happened frequently in real life to Jewish inmates who were sexually abused by their Nazi captors, they often faced ostracism and physical violence from other Jews; and were accused of being collaborators.
  • Tearjerker: David yells at Rachel claiming that she eats, breathes, sleeps, and lives the camp while he just wanted to leave it behind. It's only made worse by it being evident that Rachel has survivor's guilt despite penning a memoir called Survivor: One Who Survives. Rachel even denies having been in the camps, but it doesn't make it better, and runs from Max all her life post-liberation but they meet again.
    • Ilse's letter from South America asking when Max will join them, "Daddy's belong with their children. Don't you love us anymore?"
  • The Woobie: David. Rachel doesn't really show— or tell— that she loves him until it's too late.


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