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YMMV / The Flash (2014) S5 E7: "O Come All Ye Thankful"

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  • Ass Pull: It's quite hard to take seriously the team just assuming Barry can't possibly run faster than lightning given some of the other stuff he's pulled off, especially spending an entire episode within a single instant last season or when he dodged a lightning bolt back in Weather Wizard’s first appearance back in Season 1. Or even better, when he came back in time with his own speed still on Season 1, and later on the Season 2 crossover.
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  • Author's Saving Throw: A minor case, as the aggravating case of Warden Wolfe getting to remain a Villain with Good Publicity to the public even in death has somehow been reversed with his corruption being revealed.
  • Squick: Iris reveals that Grandma Ester's yams always tasted so good because she never cleaned her favorite skillet. The others are clearly grossed out at the idea.

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