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YMMV / Pumuckl

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  • Alternative Character Interpretation: The obvious: Old, lonely Eder has gone crazy, and Pumuckl exists only in his imagination. Eder's friends are right when they say he has bats in the belfry. Note how Eder is single and a lifelong bachelor; Pumuckl is a hallucinatory substitute for Eder's repressed desire to have children. This interpretation doesn't hold any water however, as other people than Eder are clearly effected by Pumuckl's mischievous pranks.
    • Pumuckl has been known to invent Kobold Laws at his convenience. Maybe the law about staying with the first human to see him was his invention too, because he simply wanted to stay.
  • Tear Jerker: Once, Eder got so angry at Pumuckl that he kicked him out.

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