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YMMV / Open Water

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  • Funny Moments: If you can disengage from the harrowing terror and despair, Susan's outburst of "I wanted to go skiing!" lends a welcome touch of Gallows Humour.
  • Tear Jerker:
    • Susan begging Daniel not to die and "leave me out here all by myself". Susan realizing that Daniel has died and letting his body go, then turning away as the sharks take him. Susan finally giving up and sinking beneath the surface. One fell swoop.
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    • Makes it worse that this is based on a real story, there was in fact a couple that went on a scuba diving trip and died because of crew negligence. Specifically, they got left out of the count ''because the captain wanted to go back to the hotel so he could bang his girlfriend.
  • What an Idiot!:
    • There is absolutely no excuse for the scuba diving company to have not conducted a proper head count and leave two people in the ocean.
    • While it's still not necessarily their fault, if Susan and Daniel not swum away from the group, they most likely wouldn't have been in the predicament they find themselves in.


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