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  • Hollywood Homely: Averted in a big way. The majority of characters (including Keaton himself) are genuinely average looking and have realistic physiques. Female characters don't wear excessive makeup and are not supermodel thin. This is actually a good example of having done the research. Europe (where most of this series takes place), unlike America, actually is like that when it comes to realistic concepts of beauty. Also, this series has a middle-aged man as the protagonist and the majority of the people he encounters are around the same age or older. So there is a reason for this approach.
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  • Spiritual Successor: To Danger Man. Keaton, like John Drake is an operative (though Keaton isn't a government agent) for an organization. Both Keaton and Drake are skilled at armed and unarmed combat. However, both of them prefer to use their intellect instead of violence. They both rarely, if ever kill anyone, in the course of their work. They didn't carry guns as a rule (but did know how to use them). And they never get involved with the women they encountered in their adventures. Both Keaton and Drake have a deep sense of empathy and are moral, ethical men. This is despite the fact that both work for firms that don't always put these things first: Drake (Government Intelligence) and Keaton (Insurance). For both of these characters, some of the best stories are written where they are subtly pushed to the background as observers, in order to focus on the guest character. On a personal level, they are both extremely affable. The only real difference is that Keaton is much more soft spoken and laid back than John Drake, who is intense and blunt but charming and debonair at the same time. With respect to women, Keaton exhibits a more asexual vibe than Drake does. He does not really get a lot of females falling for him, with the exception of a schoolgirl crush here or there. Naturally, nothing comes out of that. Also, we know a bit more about Keaton's personal life than we do Drake's. Nevertheless, there is excellent reason to believe that if the two were to meet, they would probably get along very well.

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