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YMMV / Kingdumb Hearts

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  • Shallow Parody: Roger based Kingdumb Hearts 2 on only a script of Kingdom Hearts II. After he actually played the game, he released a "Final Mix" series of sketches, based on parts that script omitted.
  • Wangst: Parodied.
    • 14 Days and 15 Minutes
      • Saix asks Axel why he spends so much time with Roxas and Xion. He doesn't give Axel time to reply and starts rambling about how "YOU'VE CHANGED!"
      • Axel being the only lively guy stuck in a tram with the ever-brooding Roxas, Xion, Leon and Cloud. He tries to get them to tell jokes and play games, but all they do is grumble and brood for no discernible reason.


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