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  • After Terra unwittingly removes Aurora's heart In "Bored to Sleep" and is mocked by Maleficent, a goofy-looking message appears on-screen with a fanfare that reads "You formed a D-Link with Maleficent! You are now best friends!"
  • In "Derp Dorp Derpence," Sora uses dream power to defeat Young Xehanort by dropping coconuts on him. Later, when they meet again, young Xehanort tells him that this won't work a second time. So Sora uses dream power to turn him into a coconut.
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  • In "Derp Dorper Derpencer", it turns out that all keyblade wielders are narcoleptic. Yes, all of them, including Sora and Riku, Master Xenahort's Organization XIII, and even the combatants of the Keyblade War!

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