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YMMV / Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. S5E14 "The Devil Complex"

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  • Internet Backdraft:
    • Many fans were angry with how Fitz's Enemy Within plot was handled. He gave into darkness, destroyed his friendships with Daisy and Mack, and honestly believes he did the right thing.
    • HYDRA coming back. Even if their whole gimmick is "take one head, two more take its place," the concept has been done to death at this point. But considering the fact that the Kree created HYDRA when they created Hive (in which HYDRA was based on), there may be much merit to this story after all.
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  • Moral Event Horizon: Both Daisy and Fitz himself see him forcibly removing her power-suppressing implant as this; Daisy swears that she will never forgive Fitz, and Fitz doesn't expect anyone else to, either, despite maintaining his belief that he did the right thing.
  • One-Scene Wonder: Peter Mensah as the Confederacy's representative in the final scene, where he quickly establishes a menacing presence, begins tying the present and future storylines together, and reveals the bone-chilling (albeit controversial) return of HYDRA.

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