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YMMV / A Breach of Trust

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  • Fridge Horror: Mogami possesses Tetsuo so he can buy supplies for Mob, but it's specifically stated that this has only been happening for a few months. Mob had been held in Mogami's basement for nearly 4 years. Who were Mogami's previous possession victims? How many people did Mogami posses before Tetsuo? And, considering the state Tetsuo is in afterwords, what are they like now?
  • Heartwarming Moments: Mob meeting Reigen for the first time. Especially Mob's reaction to Reigen tucking his hair behind his ear and Reigen's compassion and patience for Mob even though Reigen's been through a terrifying and life threatening day. This scene is beautifully rendered in comic form by sandflakedrawsnote  right here.


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