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Webcomic / One Girl Guy Army

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Tait-Transformed guy to girl on the right, Icarus- Blonde hair guy to the left

One Girl Guy Army was a Action, Adventure, Fantasy inspired, Myth based, Gender Bending webcomic. Written, Drawn and colored by Panda Casey, and Co-written and Edited by Lt. Pineapple. The site that originally hosted the webcomic is gone now, but a source remains.

The story involves an unemployed college student, Scott A. Tait (Tait) who is captured by an unknown cloaked figure who sends him to an unknown land. Where he first learns the lesson that you shouldn't trust anyone who you happen to come by without taking caution. Because of this he is shortly transformed into that of a Blue haired girl in full with all his memories intact. Now cursed with this new form, Tait will need to travel across this new world, find a way back home, and find a cure to reverse the effect of his girl form before the curse becomes permanent and he is stuck as a girl forever.


The title of the site is the idea behind what is driving the comics story, "New world, New Body... WAIT, WHAT!?"

This webcomic contains examples of:

  • Art Evolution: Since the beginning the artwork has improved from being a poorly drawn black and white comic to a more colored and better drawn comic. The artist mentioned that he is continued to improve as time goes on.
  • Gender Bending: The Main Character Tait is transformed into a girl. The Sidekick Icarus reveals that he turns into a Female Amazon Princess called Amelia when he removes his red scarf, revealing that his natral gender is female whenever he doesn't have his scarf.
  • The Faceless: There is a character Vonbastion, who doesn't reveal the characters face, or gender. The character is called lord by its Grand Miser and second in command of it's order, Vieldman Don Backster.

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