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  • Multiple about Epic´s weaknesses, like Sightlines being glasses.

Baxter Game's cat is the reincarnated spirit of Koschei the Deathless.

  • After his death at the hands of Remington Springfield, he was reborn as a female alley cat that was adopted by Baxter Game. Game is in reality completely incompetent as a medic, and his patients are actually healed by Kitty!Koschei's lingering superpowers. Eventually (s)he will betray Baxter entirely and launch a bid for Oregon domination.
    • Meow, meow, prrrrrOW meow. Mrrrow. Hiss. Oregon under Kitty!Koschei will actually be far less tolerable than it would have been under Epic!Koschei. Think about it: no child will ever trust a cat again.

It just isn't a WMG page until it has a theory like this on it. Who knows; it may even become Ascended Fanon.


Timeport is the Master.

  • He adapted to his powers remarkably quickly, and seems to enjoy Calamity's corruption rather than fight or be perturbed by it. Could this be because he committed far greater atrocities during his past regenerations?

    • The Master came to Earth, but was surprised to find that Calamity had empowered and corrupted a sizable portion of the population. After trying unsuccessfully to infuse himself with Calamity's power, he concluded that Calamity would only gift to human beings. Determined to take the anomaly's power for his own nefarious purposes, he used the Chameleon Arch to turn himself into "Seth Nathsha," an identity he constructed for the sole purpose of becoming an Epic. His powers hark back to his days as a Time Lord; his time traveling power is derived from the temporal abilities all Time Lords receive at the Academy, and his latent regeneration ability was mutated into Timeport's resurrection. In all likelihood, his weakness is the sound of drums.

      • Several of his posts have mentioned a "special mission" from Calamity. What if his "mission" isn't from Calamity at all, but rather an imperative given to "Seth" by the Master? That is to say, what if Calamity's special mission for Seth is actually the strongest impulse the Master had before using the Chameleon Arch to wipe the rest of his memories?

Nighthound is Satan.

  • Seriously. Look at that guy.

    • Everything makes so much sense now.It seems we have a clear case of Everyone Is Jesus in Purgatory; Lightwards, allying with Nighthound to create utopia, represents those who believe that the ends justify the means. Red represents medieval witches who'd attempt to bond with Satan in order to gain supernatural powers. Ray, whom Nighthound has apparently been granted specific license to torment, is a reincarnation of the biblical character Job.

      • Wait. If Ray is Job, would that make Sam one of Job's friends, who told him his suffering must be caused by some unknown sin in his life? I mean, Sam comes around, and you can't say the same for Job's friends—since they're crummy friends and Sam is better than they were—but still, the parallels are there.

Nighthound was the first Epic.

After seeing what a terrible abomination he had created, Calamity began making other Epics as violent as possible in the hopes that one of them would one day kill Nighthound. Whether Calamity's gambit will succeed remains to be seen.

Nothing in the game is actually real.

Milton Towren, aka Altermind, was knocked unconscious during a confrontation with a group of high school bullies. Everything that has happened in-game so far has been representative of his subconscious thought process, attempting to come to terms with his current predicament.

Every Epic in the game is Shia Labeouf.

Inspired by this song, Iconoclast was realized to fit the song quite perfectly. After a suggestion that Scribbler is just Shia Labeouf with make up on, it got me thinking: what if ALL THE EPICS ARE SHIA LABEOUF?!


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