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Post ideas on what the family could do to earn Lincoln's forgiveness here.
  • The family could save Lincoln's life such as protecting him from the same gator that attacked Lincoln.
  • They could show him that they'll never again allow superstitions to dominate their lives.
    • Possibly confirmed in the tenth chapter; Lincoln reveals he'll be forgiving towards Lily on the grounds, that she is only a baby. It's revealed that both Lola and Lana are earning Lincoln's forgiveness when they've sent him an apology card. The latter especially when she threw mud at Chandler and the bullies. Chapter 16 sees Leni, Luna and Luan officially earning forgiveness with a lunch date at a restaurant Lincoln's been dying to go to, complete with Luna's song she was working on earlier. Lori ends up starting the process of earning his forgiveness in Chapter 19 and even manages to get him to consider at least talking to Lynn. In Chapter 21, Lucy earns forgiveness with a special poem and Lynn at least starts the process with a breakdown over how much she's screwed up and even earns more points by calling out Ronnie for buying that Lincoln is seeing Cristina behind her back and even admits that her ignoring the fact that Lincoln doesn't enjoy her rough play and Ronnie's Loving Bully antics are Not So Different.

Lincoln learns about WHY he should forgive his family.
  • Mr. Grouse would convince Lincoln that at least the latter could see his family.
  • The Santiagos could show why Lincoln should forgive by showing them the work his family are doing to earn his forgiveness.
  • Pop-pop is the one to try this. While Lincoln's still unsure, he manages to at least consider forgiving his family.

How can Lynn show Lincoln that she truly regrets the way she has mistreated him.
  • It could get to the point when Lynn is forced to swallow her pride and get on her knees and beg her brother to give her another chance to be a better sister.
  • Admit point blank that she can't always win. That she needs to learn to accept defeat with grace rather than pass the buck onto things she can't control like luck.
  • Protect Lincoln somehow, possibly from athletes from a rival school or even from a vengeful Chandler, who likely won't be happy about the No-Holds-Barred Beatdown he got in Chapter 10. And Lincoln did tell Chandler that he didn't care what he did to him as long as he stayed away from Lincoln's sisters and friends.
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  • Lincoln is overcome with guilt from refusing to prevent Lynn's attempted suicide, which leaves the sports star paralyzed.
  • Chapter 21 sees her breaking down after Lincoln and Lucy reconcile, prompting Lincoln to realize how messed up she is over the whole fiasco and Chapter 22 sees her ripping into Ronnie both for believing Chandler's attempt at framing Lincoln for cheating on Ronnie with Cristina and her Loving Bully behavior, even managing a Not So Different confession.

Mr. and Mrs. Loud will consult a psychologist.
I know that this one may be redundant with what happens in the author's other fanfiction, Syngenesophobia. However, That Engineer often rationalizes the characters' actions (again, as shown in Syngenesophobia with the sessions with Dr. Lopez). Therefore, the parents' attitude during "No Such Luck" and the fact that two grown up adults believed in superstition enough to lock their son out of the house may find a more complex explanation than "They're just superstitious idiots."

Lincoln would get into trouble in the later chapters.
For beating up Chandler and his friends, even though the bullies deserved it. Lynn would take the blame and be sent to juvie, earning Lincoln's forgiveness.
  • Semi-jossed so far, since the video of the fight ruled out as self-defense on the most part. Then again, it doesn't stop for Chandler and his family taking the matters on their own hands.

Alternately Lincoln's fight with Chandler and his friends will be ruled self-defense but Lynn is willing to go to juvie
anyway.Someone likely recorded the fight (the author even implies this at the end of chapter 10) and said recording would show that while Lincoln's reaction was overkill, he didn't start the fight and only flipped out because the bullies went after Lana. However, when the cops deliver this news to the Louds, their phrasing will imply Lincoln is going to get into trouble (and Lana didn't explain due to trauma) and Lynn immediately starts claiming it was her fault and not Lincoln's. The fact that she was willing to wreck her entire future for his sake leads Lincoln to forgive her.
  • Jossed for Lana not talking about
  • Semi-confirmed for the self-defense part. But Lynn taking the blame is still up for grabs.
  • Fully jossed, Lynn was beaten up protecting Lincoln but wasn't sent to juvie.

It will be Lincoln who will be sent to juvie.
As the ultimate sign of forgiving the rest of his family. Lincoln will take full responsibility to the police at the cost of not to have his parents and sisters charged.
  • Jossed

Lynn will turn to self-harm over her guilt about the whole mess with Lincoln.
But not the classical "slash open her wrist with a razor blade" or anything that couldn't easily be covered up. Instead she'll start ignoring her limits when training, actively trying to get bruised up, and regularly claiming that she's not really hungry at meals, possibly even resorting to strategies that anorexics use to cover up how little they're eating so no one notices. She gets away with it long enough to land her in the hospital and when asked why she did it, shrugs and mumbles something about the world, and especially her brother, being better off without her. When Lincoln hears this, he goes to see her and the pair, after a very awkward conversation, reconcile.

Chandler will plot revenge on Lincoln for beating him up.
If Lincoln doesn't get into trouble from the school that is or the fight, he will alert the authorities in a false concern for Lincoln towards the Loud Family, in a way to get back at him. Or he took on Lincoln only, Lynn and the others would take the blame in a sense of Evil Cannot Comprehend Good.
  • Well, in chapter 13, he's hired Conner Pingrey to help him prank Lincoln. And considering how little the pair like Lincoln at the moment, this might go VERY wrong.
  • Confirmed. He tricks Conner into helping him make fake photo's of "Lincoln" cheating on Ronnie Anne with Cristina. When this fails to have the desired effect, he goes to plan B and hires some older kids to beat up Lincoln.

Ideas for Chandler's revenge prank/revenge.
  • 1) He and Conner frame Lincoln for something. Possibly having Conner pose as Lincoln.
  • 2) He hires Giggles to prank Lincoln, framing it as a harmless, if weird, request but intending it to cause at least some degree of damage/injury.
  • Confirmed for the first part.

Ways for the Louds to redeem themselves. (Some are tied to the above WMG.)
  • 1) The girls, some or all, clear Lincoln from whatever Chandler frames him for. Then Rita and Lynn Sr. press charges to the fullest extent that is feasible.
    • As of Chapter 19, this is looking like a strong possibility for Lisa, Lynn and Lucy and a could-be option for Lori as the other girls, barring Lily, have earned Lincoln's forgiveness with Lori having made the first steps in that arena.
  • 2) Luan finds out from Giggles what she's been hired to do and saves Lincoln from the prank, causing herself injury in the process. Then, again, Chandler gets the heaviest charges possible pressed.
    • Jossed by Chapter 16 where Luan earns Lincoln's forgiveness but the basic premise could still be used with Lynn, Lucy or Lisa or even Lori, since the eldest Loud child hasn't truly earned her brother's forgiveness yet.
  • 3) A girl who has become attracted to Lincoln because of the incident in the park turns Yandere for him and some of his sisters end up having to rescue him (and possibly Ronnie as well) from her.
    • As of Chapter 19, this is looking like a strong possibility for Lisa, Lynn and Lucy and a could-be option for Lori as the other girls, barring Lily, have earned Lincoln's forgiveness with Lori having made the first steps in that arena.
  • With any of the above, Rita goes on to write a book based on the insanity of this misadventure (with Lincoln's permission of course) as a warning to others about the dangers of Parental Favoritism.

Chandler's plot to use Conner to make Ronnie Anne think Lincoln is cheating on her will fail.
For one of several reasons:

The thugs Chandler hired won't beat up Lincoln.
Because they'll find out Lincoln is a minor, and they are disgusted by the very idea. So instead, they turn Chandler over to the police.
  • Not a bad twist, but then again, the thugs are still school aged
  • Jossed. Chapter 25 shows that they are perfectly okay with the idea.

The epilogue will have a Bittersweet Ending.
The Louds have reconciled with Lincoln, but the illness Ronnie Anne got from swallowing trash ultimately kills her. Heartbroken, Lincoln falls into a deep, deep depression, and gets therapy. The fic will end with a Maybe Ever After between Lincoln and another girl who will be intentionally left ambiguous (as the description of the girl will match several others, including Girl Jordan and Paige).

Possible sub-plots if the author ever writes a sequel.
Even though the ending is still mostly a happy one, Lynn still hasn't forgiven herself would be the focus if the sequel is ever written. The possible sub-plots are listed
  • Lori and Bobby's struggling relationship.
  • While Lincoln forgives his family, he needs to remind them so they won't make the same mistakes. Despite the theme of Forgiveness, it doesn't mean the family will change automatically nor would Lincoln forget.
  • The Santiagos dealing with Mr. Santiago's sudden death.
    • Possibly jossed with the sequel actually written since the story takes place two years after the first one. Lori has moved in with Bobby, so it can assumed that their relationship has been restored and even improved, along with Lincoln's own relationship with his family. The Santiagos appeared to come to terms with the death of Mr. Santiago.


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