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If the Seventh Stand User stands and characters had english localized names.
This is more for fun and giggles than anything else.
  • The Main Character Stands
    • Adam Ant: Adamant, Atomic Ants
    • Cardigans: Fasteners, Jumpers
    • Caravan: Convoy, Cavalcade
    • Carpenters: Laborers, Mechanists
    • Deep Purple: Medium Lavender, Intense Mauve, Ultra Violet.
    • Howlin' Wolf: Wailing Wolf, Screaming Wolf, Cryin' Wolf
    • Miracles: Revelations, Wonders, Marvels, Miraculous
    • Mr. Big: Mister Massive, Sir Substantial, Big Shot
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    • Napalm Death: Shrapnel Stylograph, Chemical Demise, Napalm in the Morning
    • Ocean Blue: Azure Sea, Brine Cobalt, Deep Blue
    • Pharaoh Sanders: Caesar/King/Despot Sanders, Colonel Sanders
    • Pixies: Sprites, Fairies
    • Quicksilver: Mercury, Mercurial
    • Red Garland: Flaming Wreath, Ruby Lei
    • Sonic Youth: Ultrasonic, Loud Teens
    • Specials: Uniques, Rares, The Incredibles
    • The Joykiller: The Lively Executioner, The Gleeful Butcher
    • Wildhearts: Barbarian Love, Free Nature
  • Stands of Dio's Followers
    • Bent Out Of Shape: Out of Shape, Hopping Mad
    • Murderdolls: Deathpuppets
    • Al Hirt and Green Hornets: All Hurt and Green Bees, Queen Bee and Green Workers
    • Dirty Works: D 1 W, Horrible Hobbies, Filthy Acts (basically like D4C but shorter)
    • The Tyde: The Wave
    • Fireflies: Firebugs, Phosphorus Bugs, Lightning Beetles
    • Shocking Blue: Surprising Azure, Bombastic Blue
    • Frantic: Distraught
  • 'Stands of Other Characters
    • Dan Penn: The Pen
    • Element of Freedom: Component of Independence, Climate of Autonomy, Element of Surprise
    • Living Things: Lifestyle Belongings
    • Saints: Angels, Messiah
    • Chicken Shack: Poultry Shack
    • Metalium: Chromium
  • Stands of the Slaves to Fate
    • Hanoi Rocks: Tower of Hanoi
    • Rinocerose: Rinocero, Fat Unicorn
    • Heavy Stereo: Dense Stereo, Heavy Radio
    • Sevendust: Septimal Grime
    • Synthesis: Union, Amalgam, Antithesis
    • Lipps: Edges
    • Ancient Melody: Primordial Beat
    • Power of Dreams: Potential of Dreams
    • Promise: Pledge, Oath
There will be an option that will allow you to play as Jolyne and Koichi.
Three of the possible appearances for the protagonist are Josuke, Koichi and Jolyne's. And when trading in 9 Badges of Honor in the Developer's Room to be able to play as Josuke, the game says that his route is only available at the moment, and that there might be more in the future.

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