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Hi there! I'm windyshadow32

I'm a big fan of Disney and The Simpsons I plan on one of my biggest projects yet, adding images to every single Simpsons recap page, it's a big tak but I believe that visual representation is needed for a show this significant to TV history. Help would be greatly appreciated so if you'd like to add an image to the Simpsons page, See my Vest!! *Ahem* Excuse me I meant to say Be My Guest!


I'm also a big fan of the Disney Theme Parks. I plan on making a page for every attraction in Walt Disney World. It's a very big task to handle but I believe that many rides are worthy of their own pages and with the help of other tropers, I could make a passion project come true.

Documenting every ride at Walt Disney World will be a project probably unheard of at TV Tropes, but I feel that the ride section of TV Tropes is lacking where everyone else is succeeding.

If you'd like to help me out, please do so, and if you see anything missing add it.

Anyway, I plan on helping contribute to this wiki a lot and can't wait to see what the future has in store.


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