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Hello people! arcanephoenix here, but please, call me arcane.

I am a 21-year-old Indian (that's south Asian, not Native American). I live in Mumbai and am currently completing my degree in engineering. I discovered this website in 2011, while searching for quotes from Mock The Week (no, seriously), and am now a major reader.

I believe that Bollywood Needs More Love on TV Tropes, so if you find any edits or new pages there, that's probably me. I also edit, very occasionally, the pages of any games I happen to be playing at the time.


However, you are most likely to find me on the forums (again, of whichever game I tend to be playing or am interested in), where I frequent the Video Games forum, the football thread on Yack Fest, and the US and South Asia threads in OTC. Oh yeah, and I also started the General Bollywood Thread in Live Action Film, and that reeeally Needs More Love.



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