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Yasahiro is a troper that was born once in real life. His goal was to gather as much knowledge of video games and other type of relevant media, going further into the anime territory. However, his hunger was still not sated, then he found internet. He was overwhelmed by the amount of material on the internet and he became one with it, becoming an entity known as Behemoth, without any clear mind guiding it. He was barely capable of influencing it. Then with time, he managed to direct his mind towards the amalgation of the hot-blooded badassery and awesomeness that is Gurren Lagann and Two Best Friends Play. It allowed him to take control and condense into a smaller yet more powerful form, granting him his own will at that point and a direction, goal. To pierce the heavens...


He continued assimilating all the material he could find, still feeling that there is more to be found. At one point in time, he stumbled upon TV Tropes. He was happy, it was more than enough to fill the void in his heart, allow him to continue to grow, get stronger. He read "Shinji and Warhammer 40k". He read "Background Pony" He kept reading, his intelligence increasing. He reached the status of Netto Lorde, the highest form of internet lurker that could be. However, he could not share his knowledge, he did not know how to accomplish it. Then he realized, by making TV Tropes account, he will lose the foolishness he once held and become one of the Tropers. He shed his mask and his transformation became complete, his eloquency and mannerisms finally becoming more pronounced into that of a gentleman. Now he is wandering through Internet, helping those that may need help.


That person... is me.


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