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  • My pen name is William Syler.
  • Born in Iowa, USA.
  • Finished a Psychology Major and a Gender Studies Major at an Iowan college.
  • Found the love of my life on January 15th 2010, married her on May 25th, 2013.
  • Working on a just getting words on paper. Cart before the horse, and all that. But once I do, watch out world!

  • Here is a list of places with my name:

  • Pages I have (or am about to) start:
    • Shadow Era
    • The Pokédex- Extended Fanon Edition: Mr. Mime

  • Things I am working on now:
    • The Distorted Man - A Pokémon AU that tries to explain the logic of the Pokémon world. ("Why do Pokémon fit into Pokéballs? Where does Squirtle get all that water? What is a TM?")
    • Gold Iris - A short biofiction story about a college student in a world with a slight difference to our own.
    • This Sin of Mine - An epic about a young man with incredible power and a destiny to subvert.
    • And more!