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Pick a number, divide it by zero, and then Ponder on the number.

I have only a few things to say: the Internet is a crazy place where I get stalked often, so I created a different username for this site (considering I use the same one for everything else). I hope we all can be friends, but there will obviously be some who hate my guts. I am a fan of GOOD fanfiction, and ABOMINABLE but HILARIOUS fanfiction.


I also draw disturbing things.

I am not telling you all my gender so you must guess.

If you are mean to me I might just write you a sarcastic reply. If you are nice to me I shall send you something nice...perhaps.

Indeed. I bet that's told you a lot about my character. No? Well, I also enjoy Anime and Manga. Things like Witches are interesting too. Harry Potter is an awesome series, and I like Hermione the best. (She's quite the looker in the movie.) Amu is my illegal crush from Shugo Chara, and Kiseki can die a horrible death, because I am like Ikuto.

Why aren't there any Magical Boys? Frustrating, I tell ya.

Negi is a lucky bastard. Asuna is hot, and so is Nodoka(or any bookworm for that matter).

Higurashi gave me nightmares, seriously.

Um.... I wish I could write Slash, but I wouldn't really know how to describe anything, even if it was just a normal Lemon. (Lol, leave that to your imaginations why.)


Oh, and Pocky is delicious, and I love to wear sweater-vests for the same reason in Fairly Odd Parents.

I have a few crushes on a few fanfic writers because their works are great. I could recommend a few of their stories if you want.

I wish I could have Sockpuppets but I am lousy at acting other than what I am, so people recognize me immediately no matter what. So, Audience, what do you think?

Message me if you want to talk about anything. I reckon everyone here is too busy adding new entries though.


My height: 5'9 My hair color: Black My eyes are none of your business. They are windows to the soul after all. YOU CAN'T HAVE MY SOUL, YOU DEMONS!!

I am #foreveralone but not by choice.

I'm not into editing page unless I realize they're missing examples, but I am interested in adding to and/or making new pages for fanfiction I am interested in. For Example KitsuneOnCampus. I shall be editing the heck out of that one very soon.


Kyuubey is a biased jerk, even if he's right. (In my opinion.) If it was merely for pun's sake, I'd be even madder. Mahou Shoujo. —> Majo. Mahou Shounen = Manen? Maunen? Makes a hell lot of nonsense.

I'd still ask him for a wish. But then again you have to be able to see him. What if only 'certain girls' can see him?

Anyway, on to watch Family Guy. Which my mum thinks is bad now.

Ok then...Doctor Who. Wait, our Tv is busted.

God this SUCKS! I need television.

Send me money for a TV.


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