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I’m a computational linguist, which means I apply linguistics and computer science to work on language aspects of AI. Or, as I like to tell people, it means someday I will build an army of overly-talkative robots and/or help develop the Universal Translator. My primary languages are English, Spanish, Mandarin, Russian, Java, Python, and R.

On the side, I’m an enthusiastic amateur musician – playing flute, oboe, English horn, and the occasional other woodwind in orchestras and chamber ensembles from a pretty early age. I also sing, but that’s a more recent development. I have a particular fondness for Gilbert and Sullivan operettas, and I’ve performed half the canon with a society in northern California, including appearances as Mr. Bunthorne’s Solicitor in Patience and Jack Point in The Yeomen of the Guard.


I've been fascinated with narrative tropes ever since I first read about Vladimir Propp and his folk tale classification system.


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