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Hello, Sharur here. Filling out this page is on my to-do list.

Sharur is a twenty-something geek, nerd, and college student in his last year of pursuing a degree in Computer Science. I enjoy all stories, whatever media they are found in, but with a particular fondness for literature, tabletop roleplaying games(although I haven't found a group in over a year) and anime. The latter is probably due to it being the only medium that I could enjoy programs that I wouldn't consider "infantile".


Currently engaged on a quest to find employment, entertainment, the meaning of life("42"), and some good friends along the way. A big Tolkien fan, who morns the fact that languages (save for programing languages) are not his forte. An introvert who tries to be social, despite not quite understanding (or caring) all the mores of society. Been on the internet for years, but is still unsure about when and how to use emoticons properly. An has, in real life, a habit of randomly referencing works that he thinks that everyone should read.

A firm believer that the homepage should reference, and give directions to the forums (as he enjoys them as much as the trope and work pages, and took an embarrassingly long time, on the order of a couple years, to realize they were there). Has a fondness in media for Bond Creatures, interesting applications of physics, knowledge and abilities, and the use of brains over brawn.


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