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Roihu is a 15-year old Peruvian (Actually born in Argentina, but both parents where born and have their parents in Peru) who lives in Florida.

I'm horrid at describing myself, so I'll do the best I can.

I contribute every once in a while in a few subjects I like including Pokemon, Kingdom Hearts, Percy Jackson And The Olympians, and any other place where I see I can add new, useful (Or so I think) things. I mostly just lurk around TV Tropes, though, So Yeah...


I enjoy reading and hope to write a novel. In fact, I enjoy reading so much that I must have spent at least 100 hours in TV Tropes of the four months I have been here. TV Tropes has ruined my life, sadly. I'm still working on ruining my vocabulary.

I love sexual humor, but I get really annoyed when someone underage does it. (Weird thing to add, I know)

I think I started this account about a month ago and I'm also very disorganized and spout things at random. So Yeah...

Oh! I love the term So Yeah.

So Yeah...


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