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If anyone's wondering, I pretty much made this my very own sandbox and I sometimes like posting next chapter previews of my

As noon draws closer, Corey watched the television in a hotel apartment on a channel showing nothing but static. A little further away, Prisha and Rina looked over some documents including the disc they took from the lab on their laptop. Ian then exited the bathroom and walked to the television. Seeing Corey wasn’t watching much, he took the remote.


“Hey! I was watching that!” Corey complained as Ian changed the channel, igniting a bewildered look.

“Ian, give Corey back the remote,” Prisha said without turning away from the laptop screen.

“What?” Ian retorted. “He was just watching static! I’d like at least something on worth watching!”

“What does matter is that you have been hogging the television for almost the entire week,” Prisha replied monotonously as Corey took back the remote and poked a tongue at Ian. “Wait at least twice as long for another turn.”

“So how’s it on your end Prish?” Rina asked as she was done reading the reports.

“It seems this was where they kept files of the biological findings of other areas of Lorieth,” Prisha explained before the lot heard a knock on the door.

“Hey how has the Junior Occulties been doing?” It was Yosuke who entered.


“Hopefully better on your end,” Rina sighed. “So, what of the story of those researchers?”

“We went over it with Gavriel and it checks up,” Yosuke said cheerfully before taking out a parchment. “Using our investigation thus far as control questions, we were also able to get further information of their group. This is a more detailed map of the lab we visited last night.”

Prisha took the parchment and looked over; the map was quite accurate to what he had seen from the area. But now with extensions of unexplored areas such as labs testing on reactive chemicals and complex machines, the room they kept the hostages captive, the security room and even the bedroom of those residing there including Lin Cherin. However, what was most unusual were some of the walls between rooms seem larger than needed, there may be few reasons for this, Prisha is suspicious of.


“We’ll be heading off to negotiate with the other adoptees soon,” Yosuke continued. “But before that, if you’re hungry, don’t forget to stop by at Basil’s apartment; we’re all meeting there for lunch.”


A large man with claws and fangs, covered in fur, particularly a lion’s mane, yawned as he walked into the kitchen, “Aaaarrrhhh! Felt like I’ve been sleeping forever!”

“Twenty five hours actually,” Phelen said as he, Katrina and Brody finished eating lunch.

“What? Did I miss out on much?” The recently awake man name Mane asked with his beady eyes as wide as can be.

“Other than an underground organization deducing our whereabouts after taking out Gavirel, taking files of our conspiracy, Basil and Robert being sent after them and not returning?..” Katrina listed. “Just another regular day.”

“Wha???” Mane asked repetitively.

“You can also stand there mouth gaped miss out on planning how to deal with those intruders while you’re at it,” Phelen said then turned to the others. “By the way, how long ago was it since we treated Seza’s wounds? Someone should go back to check on him.”

Looking back at my old stories, I had this old shame, that's really an old shame because of the style it's presented, it's not easy on the eyes. I don't think the concept is bad though, the story was called Hell Castle, yes laugh it all out. I started it when I thought it's too much to start on my main series right away so I took it easy by trying a one shot with a nice theme. I planned for it to be about 8 chapters(25k words?), but even then it was biting off more than I could chew, I got to about the halfway mark when I decided to work on my main series again and left it unfinished for yeasrs. By now however, I don't think I got the time or energy to go back to it.

Anyways, the main character is boy who's hilariously easy to scare which actually gets played both for laughs and drama. His family moved into a luxurius castle that other people left because it's said to be haunted. While on the streets, the boy and his sister got attacked by some cliche thugs(don't know if you should use this idea exactly as I shoudl, have some freedom) and were saved by a teenager with magical powers. He's a kind of excorcist/knight/whatever, I did come up with a name for the concept but it's pretty stupid, so let's just call it excorcist to round it off now.

Lately there was news/rumors of demons terrorizing places and arrive through portals called demon gates. An excorcist's job was to defeat them and seal up the gate and for that they're trained in the art of sword and magic. The excorist convinced the main character's family that he can stay over at their place for a while. He has a motive, since the place was suspected to be a demon gate, though he doesn't let the whole family in on it and insisted his encounter with the main character and his sister were purely incidental. The dad doesn't take well with the suggestion that his beautiful castle is haunted. The excorcist planned to get to performing a ritual to scan if the area is a demon gate the next day.

Also, even though the excorcist seems brave by now from toughening up, he can relate to the main character since in the past he can be just as gutless. I got a two years ago flashback at some point where he let his love interest die because he was too afraid of the possility that demons existed. Early the following day, the residents of the castle needed to continue packing their belonging with the main character unfortunately in charge of the dungeons. There, he was scared out called by a spider and a while after, he woke up to demons ready to eat him alive.

The main character managed to run off and find the remains of his dead parents. He had trouble hiding from the demons but the excorcist soon came to the rescue. From there the plan was that the excorcist escorted the main character out of the castle first but the main character rebelled saying they should save his sister. This seemed unusually brave of him for now, but it gets explored. The excorcist replied that it's best that the survivors stay as survivors first.

The pair made their way out of the castle with the excorcist doing most of the fighting, some demons were of weaker class and some were boss fight level. As they reached the last hall of the castle was when


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