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Hello world.

About me:

  • I'm a 16 year old girl from Germany
  • I'm currently living in Williams Lake, BC, Canada for 'bout a year
  • I know German (well, duh), English, Latin (except not at all. orz) and some Japanese (have been learning it for ~8 months)
  • I'm a huge fan of BL, GL, Yaoi& Yuri
  • I practically live in the 18th century
  • I've been cosplaying for about a year
  • I've been writing and drawing for basically all my life
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  • I've won Script Frenzy and Na No Wri Mo YWP two times each
  • I totally have a crush on Old Fritz and Maria Theresa ///
  • I listen to a lot of music from all kind of genres. My favorites are Sound Horizon, Vocaloid, Emilie Autumn and The Beatles.

Stuff that I like (in no particular order): Well, cats. Sound Horizon, Axis Powers Hetalia, Hellsing, Vocaloid, anything by Kaori Yuki, Touhou, the opera "Der Freischütz", the 18th century, Stephen King, Session 9, this wiki, cosplay, LARP, roleplaying in general, drawing, writing


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