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Just a lonely sockpuppet.


Some things in this world can provoke hate toward others,the need to spit bile at each other,the desire to show them that they are right.

  • Fanbases:While some are average,others have a side that lashes out at those who dare to deviate from their delusional logic.
    • Some of them are unreasonable in their demands,some want stuff and bitch and moan once they get it.

    • Ponies(My Little Pony Friendshipis Magic for those who don't know) I don't hate the show but it's annoying side,the idiotic bronies try to assimilate or convert others by posting references about their show on other non pony videos,are willing to post about ponies even when the topic has nothing to do with it. Anti-bronies are hateful jackhats who were scorned and hate on bronies because they consider the show overrated.They will hate on you just because you like the show,even if they do have a point.Most people consider both sides irritating and they are often baited by trolls. Some bronies are utter hypocrites who tell others to 'love and tolerate' despite their hating and intolerance toward others.It is okay to be a brony,just don't force it on others.
    • Gamers,most people consider them to be violent,homophobic,sexist,racist,hateful bitches and bastards. Why? Well for some gamers(the ones who go online,the types who have discredited gaming)this holds true. They hate the fact that women play videogames as well("OH MAH GAWDZ WOMENZ RUIN MAH GHAMEZ FORVER" "FUKING BICTH SLUT WHORE" etc)and vice versa,will act condescending toward less experience players(noobs) ("SUCK LESS,YA FUKING NOOB","GO BAK TO YA KIDDY CONSOLES,GAY WEEABOO FAG!","YA PLAYING IT WRONG","STOP HAKING YA FUKING TROLL"etc),accuse the server of lagging on them,other players cheating and hacking or god forbid being better then them at the game. Types like them deserve to be put death for ruining gaming.Gaming is fun,try to keep it that way.
    • Nostalgia,it is okay to have fond nostalgic memories of your favourite game.It is NOT okay to whine about new games being less like the old ones unless the change was way too radical or if the game was trash and has discredited the other games in the series. Oldfags ruin it by complain that the old game was the best and that the series went to hell after that,or are in blatant denial of anything afterward. Newfags ruin it by trashing the old games for not being the new game and bash anything before it because it makes them look cool, it in fact makes them look like desperate hipsters.(Pokemon is a good example of this)
    • Modern Music,there are a few exceptions though. Most of it is generic love/sex crap,some of it is terrible(I'm glaring at you Rhianna and Beiber).It's doesn't sound as good due to nobody having good taste nowadays,older music is better(NOT the early 70s,around the 80s and 90s).
    • Facebook,everybody uses it for social stuff and modern crap. For the love of god,do not put your memorials on it,lest the trolls start snickering and being total jackasses. People know where you live and can stalk you(and possibly commit rape or murder). It's users (most of them) has no FUCKING concept of privacy.
    • Trolls and idiots on Youtube,they both are stupid as hell and annoy other people. While trolls are heartless jackasses who border on sociopathic(Christian Weston Chandler's only come off as reasonable due to Christian's egotism),they piss people off because they think it is funny,ruin the lives of others and in some cases will drive people to suicide.
    • Flamers are cowardly bastards who fuel conflicts and watch the forumites go to war over a sensitive subject.Yet they beg if the forumites turn on the flamer. The two may even overlap.
    • Christian Weston Chandler,an egotistical,lying,pathetic,disturbing(NSFW)manchild who has insulted his fanbase(all trolls by the way),his trolls(except Blue Spike,though he was important) come off as reasonable in comparison. Everybody hates him,even the autistics. I could go into detail but CW Cki tells it better.
    • Idiots,they annoy other people,never leave you alone,don't shut up and are utter parasites who would make your hand bleed to write for them. Fuck,anybody has dealt with one at least.


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