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Who is this?:

  • Is he a quiet geek who prefers the company of books over people?
  • is he the annoying drunk who talk too loud and too much?
  • Is he a superhero quietly stalking the night? is he a mad scientist?
  • Is he a pop culture obssesed maniac?
  • Is he the atheist, sceptic and freethinker who admirers Carl Saganm James Randi and Richard Dawkins?
  • Is he the aspiring cartoonist with his own [ webcomic]?
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  • Is he smart is he stupid, is he arrogant, is he rude?
  • Does he ask too many rethoerical questions.

Hint: The answer to at least one of these is "yes"

Maybe facts:

  • I live in a basement with a girlfriend and three rats.
  • I look like Shaggy from Scooby Doo, I got no fasion sense and wear a fedora and dirty gray coat.
  • My computer is held together by duct tape, and my life is held together by stubborness.
  • The best comic ever written is Calvin And Hobbes.
  • The movie I've seen the most time is The Matrix.
  • I like pizza, pea soup (is a swedish thing, you wouldnt understand), bacon and spinach
  • Ive fallen asleep on the autobahn. Well, ib a bus on the autobahn


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