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I'm Stealthy/Morgie. I'm a bit weird, so just go with that, will ya? :P

I'm a lesbian eclectic-pagan furry who roleplays a lot and isn't very involved in the greater troper community past Troper Tales. One can generally find me browsing dark corners of the wiki, adding Troper Tales pages for things those pages should not exist for in the minds of much of the troper community. I love Natter. Don't ask why.


I'm an anarcho-pacifist feminist (in practice, I generally use the term 'gender equalist' because I believe both genders are badly affected by Double Standards). I'm a bit of a Splitter at times, but generally disagree with both sides in the Lumper Vs Splitter wars. I hate hate hate Death of the Author, probably because I write a LOT and plan to become a published author at some point. I'm a fan of Warrior Cats and Brave New World.

I'm just another troper, when you get down to it.


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