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Time for a fresh start, methinks!

Hi, I'm Moerin, I'm 26 and I'm a Scottish nerd who loves anime and has just lately gotten really into tokusatsu. I have delusions of being a writer that are forever being foiled by my archnemesis, the Dreaded Block, and I draw really crappy stuff which I upload to Deviant Art. My genre of choice seems to be Magical Girl, although I am rather partial to giant robots.

Also, I love cooking, reading, and listening to heavy metal music. ^___^

Not going to list any tropes I think apply to me, but if you think any do then don't hesitate to add them in. XD

    Space reserved for vandalism! 
...Try to be civil, though. >.>

Since this apparently isn't a thing anymore, uh... Troper Wall time! >.> <.<

  • FIRST POST. Heheheheh. Love you~ -Rain
  • Hi Moe! You're still as adorable and nice and awesome as ever! ^_^ -Anno

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