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This is an experiment in improvised, communal storytelling. Please add one sentence each time you visit this page. Do not change what others have written.

The doors creaked and squeaked as they swung. The dark abyss of the night sky filled their archways. Three vermilion snakes of female face, the smallest motion filled with grace, slither silently south of the doors. note  The door falls open as the old man enters the room. His candle extinguished by the breeze. His blood runs cold as he surveys the room. Suddenly, they attacked!


He leaps out of the way, throwing the candle holder at his would be attackers. They hissed and snarled at the old man who most called Torian. Two of the snakes dodged out of the way, while the smallest was hit head-on.note  This snake was slightly stunned but managed to get over the hit in the blink of a human eye. Realizing he was outnumbered, Torian vaulted his nightstand and sprinted downstairs.