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    Roleplay Characters 

Chris Takenaka: Armored Gunmage. (SW: 3)

  • Shown as this avatar here. Not shown is his gun-staff (in the vein of those in Kid Icarus Uprising, but his is a bit more melee-oriented than those) that serves as his main weapon. It's purple, as his armor is, and while it's shaped as a rifle would be, the power source for it (in the form of a green crystal, which Chris possesses 5 of) is loaded where the hammer would be. There are four firing modes for the gun-staff:
    • A water bullet, which is a straight shot and is best in terms of range, at 75 feet. Moves as fast and hits as hard as a 100 mph fastball. Each shot uses 1 of a crystal's 6 charges, and up to two can be used at a time.
    • A fire bullet, which curves a bit, making a 30 degree arc over 50 feet. Only does 1st degree burns to unprotected skin, but can be charged for a 3-way shot (one shot going straight and another making a sharper arc (60 degrees) both with a range of 50 feet) and greater power, up to 2nd degree burns and making stone/metal surfaces painful to touch for a short while. Uncharged shots use one charge, and double-fire is possible, half-charged spread shots do the same damage as uncharged shots, and use 2 charges. Fully charged spread shots do heightened damage, but require and consume a full crystal's charge.
    • A dark energy blade, turning the staff into a broadsword in terms of the type and degree of damage. Chris prefers thrusting attacks when using this mode. Slowly consumes energy, though it would last twice as long as the other two attacking modes if double-firing was used every attack.
    • An artificial hot spring generator. Fired onto the ground, the hot springs generated can heal whoever bathes in it. It's a fairly small spring, 3 feet in diameter and 2 feet in depth. The spring's healing capabilities are limited, using up the loaded crystal's remaining charges to determine how much it contains, and deplete with use at a rate roughly equivalent to the dark blade's energy consumption. 1 charge can heal minor cuts and bruises, while bringing a badly-broken battler back to full form would require 3 charges' time. The spring's waters cool down significantly when it is depleted, and it will close up when it is depleted and whoever was using it exits. Only one person can be healed at a time, and the most heavily-injured person inside gets priority. The spring will have an opposite effect on undead, and will weaken those who are powered up by viruses, but doing so will be lowest-priority in case of conflict.
  • As for the armor, and why it's purple? Chris has given the armor the designation of 'Light Infused-Lattice Alchemical Covering', or 'LILAC' for short. It can withstand a decent amount of melee damage, but there are some gaps in coverage. It's also made from recycled Pepsi cans, allowing it to be fairly light-weight. The gauntlets have a slot for storing power crystals, and Chris can 'catch' energy projectiles if the stored crystal isn't full. Baseball-sized bolts can be caught with one hand and restore one character to the crystal on that hand. Larger projectiles, up to basketball-size, require both hands and restore one charge to both stored crystals. Beam attacks and oversized bolts can charge crystals, but will still do damage as if he wasn't protected.
  • Chris also have some non-gun-staff magic tricks, most notably a levitation ability, and the ability to repair objects. Chris can sustain his levitation for around 5 minutes, give or take, and each repair action takes a minute off of it, though his mana will slowly regenerate over time.
  • And by the way, that's his helmet, not his hair. His hair is more akin to what you think when you hear 'Sora'. Unless you're more into .Hack.

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