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Move Along, Nothing to See Here.

I might eventually put something up, but for now this is only here to make use of the custom handle.

Okay, if you really insist, I'm that guy who made the first draft of What Goes Where.

Lets see, what else? I remember this one weekend, I went through the Touhou character sheet (back before it was split) and changed the format of practically every example from "Trope (Example)" to "Trope: Example" to keep it consistent with the main page. All 3000 of them. Over the course of 2 days. There's a mini log of sorts in the discussion page, if you're curious about how much fun that was. And then I went and replaced about 50+ fanart images of Tohhou characters, because I thought the ones we had didn't have the colors of their ribbons exactly right or something like that. Funny thing is, I never even knew what Touhou was before I came to TV Tropes. Yeah, if I had a life before, I'd say that was the point when it was Ruined Forever.


And if you've ever been to the Haloid page and got annoyed by how it's pure fanboy gushing and you can't mention the ending,  well you have me to thank for that too.


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