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Hello? Hello, does anyone even read this?

An absolutely normal...okay, a little weird...okay, so I can be considered a bit of a freak, but who isn't?

What is in a geek? by Kajeet:

  • What is in a geek?
    • Is it only a title? Is it a way of life? Is it what men strive to achieve or to scorn?
    • What is a man but a miserable pile of secrets?
    • Does society have the right to dictate what we must and mustn't like?
    • If that is so you may try to take my anime and take my video games. But you won't take my imagination from me, and how even the sky does not limit it.
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    • Tell me that what I love to love and what I love to do is not but a fantasy, but not in my my imagination where thoughts are the great equalizer that have made men into emperors and a hyperactive girl named Haruhi into a goddess.
  • What is a Geek?
    • To love the love of plot and story, epic clashes of might, magic, and mecha.
    • is it the fact they accept something sociaty might reject?
    • is it they shall forever reach and grasp that which even when all light has faded and darkness descends we have the hope of legends, myths, stories of honor and courage even when all around us corrodes be it Lord of the Rings or be it Pokemon we shall have our hero's
    • Geekness is not something to be scorned or pushed away but to be embraced.
    • The flashes of eternity shall always flicker and even when we have gone our souls live on.
  • So for your heroes, fantasies and imagination, I ask of you.
    • What is a Geek?

Heh, please pardon my Narm. I just felt like giving one of my poem things here.

random facts:

The name Kajeet actually comes through a corruption of the Khajiit race in the Eldar Scrolls. I use it alot for online games.

A number I will use a lot is 4474 which was the code to watch movies on my origional ps2

I have theories on many subjects some which I think are fairly intellegent ex.

  • I think the fangirls love L and Light so much is because opposites attract.
    • Light is the bishounen example: Nice hair, effeminant, and a social personality
    • L is the exact opposite messy, bags under the eyes, and pretty much socially awkward.
  • I think the subbing and dubbing is chosen by the individual person by which one you watched first will be the one you will like the most.

I am a situational enemy of the MST3K mantra. I can't help it; that's how I was raised. I see something and question it unless of course it's Rule of Funny and Rule of Cool.


Many people place me as an idiot when they first see me. Of course when they try to insult me they can find out how intellegent I truly am. Lets just say anything you say can and will be misquoted and used against you

I am actually pretty smart usually averaging a's and b's, unfortunatly I lack alot of common sense and am VERY lazy, I had a test and I rushed through it. I made a 35 out of 55 and the teacher said I could have done even better, but the book I was reading was SO interesting.

I am a Deadpan Snarking Geek that has a sense of honor that doesn't fit with this day and age. If I see someone drop money I'll give it back...something's wrong with me.

I'm a Chivalrous Pervert and feel that I don't want to get into a relationship because I might just base it on sex and a geek thats too socially awkward to try to get a girl even if I wasn't.

(edit from above) YAAAY I gots me a girlfriend!

On the bright side, I'm kind of an Anime Guru. If you want to get into anime, tell me what kind of stuff you like and I can find you a good anime for you.

Also, if you ever feel the need to have a good argument, come talk to me. I'm all up for it.

Avid fan of many things; here are some:

  • LookingForGroup
  • StarFist- Hell Yah! The best Science Fiction series I have EVER read and my favorite series.
  • Naruto- Some say they don't like it because of some things; here's what I think:
    • Orange Jumpsuit: If you can be stealthy in that, think of how stealthy you could be in black.
    • Loud Personality: Most shounen heros are
    • Not stealthy like a ninja: Neither is Kakashi, but no one talks about him.
  • Code Geass- I was never all that much into Death Note and I prefer Code Geass ? yes, I just commited heresy; go ahead and burn me.
  • Firefly- not many shows combine westerns and scifi, and it isn't a parody.
  • ''Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann- the speeches, the robots...aaah all of it it just strikes a chord within me

I'm also a fan fic author

Some of my dreams:

  • To play Warhammer 40k
  • Go to an anime con
  • Become a Game designer


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