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Oooh, I get a page? Dude! I get a page!

Let's get the boring stuff out of the way!

What I am: 18, female, Australian, gamer, reader, Whovian.

What I aspire to be: psychologist, writer, knitter extraordinaire!

If you ask me to crit something I will be more than happy to! Just be aware: I am horribly unreliable.

    True Facts 
  • I have the most ridiculous sneezes. I either precede them by saying "achoo, achoo, achoo" or I talk in this weird squeaky bee-like language during them (roughly: "buzzeebuzzeebuzzeebuzz-zeeble-zeeble-zee"), which amuses the people around me to no end.
  • I am currently yearning for a second childhood and "The Lion King", "Mulan" and "Princess Bride" are at the tippy tippy top of my list of things I want to watch.
  • I refuse to believe in the existence of Matt Smith's eyebrows.
  • I have Aspeegees. Yes, that is what I always call it. Well, sometimes. Well, in this particular instance, anyway.
  • I played chess once. I got pretty good. Then I stopped.
  • I do not like styrofoam. It is my nemesis and I would sooner take a bath in scorpions than touch it.
  • I have about the ponciest-sounding Australian accent it is possible to have.
  • I can't actually knit, but I want to.
  • I used to write interactive fiction. That was pretty fun!
  • I am not very good at staying in communities. Apologies in advance if I disappear.
  • I enjoy silliness and language makes me happy.

    My fandoms! MINE!!! 


  • Yes. First. Again. I am a god. Hello! I also like Psychology, too! ^__^ ~ Inhopelessguy

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