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Favorite books:

1. Good omens by two of the most brilliant authors alive

(the book might as well have a third title: We're all human, even when we're not, and we all just make the best out of it, and that transcendents simple defenitions of good and evil.) (The fandom will eat your soul. I also made me more accepting of slash. So yeah, I'm usually not much of a yaoifangirl, imagine that. The fandom is scary, but it has lots of good writing.)


2. The Discworldseries by the masterwriter Terry Pratchett. Especially anything involving Sam Vimes.

(Because he makes you think and laugh at the same time. And he gives you words for thoughts you hadn't named yet.)

3. World War Z by Max Brooks

(I'm weak for books that show humanity in all its glory and hideousness. Also, I'm weak for books that make me think of apropriate weaponry and tactics and give me nightmares. And I'm weak for books that make me cry for people I've only known for a few pages.)

4. The name of the wind by Patrick Rothfuss

(It is like chocolate pie. Dark and rich and you'll be wanting another slice once you've digested this one.)

Shakespeare or Dante?

Dante, all the way. I'm a total La Divina Commedia fangirl. Hey, I've got something in common with some dead popes! Also: Footnotes (added by translaters) top flowery language.


OMG, I can draw! So yeah, what's on there is some of the stuff I'm proud of. I like being able to do things.


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