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A relatively new troper who has nonetheless taken to it with great enthusiasm (she has been called Troperiffic by a friend at least once), even going so far as making a list of Tropes in her Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Fanfic. Which now has its own page.

She can have a slight obsessive streak, occasionally fixating on a single fandom or project for an often unpredictable period of time (Incidentally, fandom of the moment: Tales Of The Abyss / Persona4). But normally, she bounces between projects and fandoms and other things, and does her best to put a great deal of effort into what she does.


She is an author and artist, having accounts on DeviantART,, and (though the last is mostly unused at this time). She loves writing and drawing, but (in the former case in particular) has problems with preserverence that she is still trying to overcome. She has several fanfics based in the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon universe, several other oneshots based on various other universes, is working on an original story that is being kept mostly under wraps for the moment, and has a comic called Band Nerd that is Exactly What It Says on the Tin. She loves getting feedback on her work but isn't the showoffy type and can be nervous about asking people to review, but if you want to do so anyway she'd be very, very appreciative. 8D

She can go by Gorsecloud, though she also answers to the shortened form of Gorse. Her online handle comes back from her days in the Warriors fandom, where she would like to think she was a fairly well-known member of the online community (as a moderator of the Warriors Wish forums), but such days have passed. While she still roleplays on one Warriors RPG named Children of StarClan, she has moved on to new interests, notably including marching band, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, Golden Sun, Tales Of The Abyss, Kingdom Hearts, and Persona4. Don't rely on this as an up-to-date list of fandoms either - they change frequently.


Above all, she waves to you all. Because waving is just a thing she does. To everyone. Even the monorails at Disney World. Yes. Even monorails.


And she really needs to stop referring to herself in the third person. :P


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