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Welsh speaker, giant book nerd, wargamer, weeaboo, video gamer, film buff, comics enthusiast etc. One of those ones who ping-pongs between hobbies and interests constantly. Yeah, I most likely have undiagnosed ADHD. It's not a good thing IMO.

Mostly a trope-browser (because procrastination) and forum user (one of the more left-leaning in the OTC from what I can tell - being essentially a Libertarian Socialist with Reformist tendencies).


Creative output right now is GM'ing a Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay (Second Edition) game for my RP group. Otherwise, I try my hand at writing and procrastinating by doodling OCs for said writing (usually). Wondered for a long time between writing novels and drawing comics.

Biggest influences on own work would be Tolkien, various manga (but especially One Piece more than others) and Devil May Cry 3.

If you see me on here, I'm probably procrastinating, so feel free to tell me to fuck off back to what I should be doing.


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