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17 year old bloke, who was born in Maple Ridge BC to Northern Irish parents and now lives in Melbourne, Australia. Sees himself as British, first and foremost. Currently doing year 12 at Frankston High School, studying English, French, History, International Studies and Philosophy, having already done Latin and Literature last year. Hopes to go on to be a Arts student bum, who smells funny and has long hair...


Loves music, playing guitar, football (Man Utd and Rangers!), video games, film and television (obviously), reading, cricket, Star Wars, finger guns.

Longs to pinpoint the exact moment when George Lucas went bad, then go back in time and kill him at that moment.

John Woo is the world's greatest living film maker. Hitchcock is the greatest of all time (film's Shakespeare?). Joss Whedon is the greatest TV... guy ever. The Beatles are the greatest band ever. Arcade Fire are the greatest band today. Empty platitudes are fun!


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