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I'm just here because I posted a review, effectively, of the Troper reviewers of Encyclopedia Dramatica.

Keep in mind that the ED page, while not positive by any means, is scathingly accurate, surprisingly funny, and contains no (aside from the ads, which is cheating, Troper) 'porn and penises' that the reviewer claimed there to be 'on every page'.

To my mind, we brought the trolls upon ourselves. I love TV Tropes, I do, but sometimes I just want to sit back and watch all the pretentious idiots, furries scraping affection from the bottom of the barrel, anime fans flooding a 'neutral' site with entertainment of their choice, and hypocrites who claim that everyone MUST like this show, or hate that book, to be a 'real' Troper . I want to take all those giggling fools....and watch them burn when the trolls descend.


Peace out, you Vocal Minority bitches.


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