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Esquire is a happy little troper who discovered this site around the start of 2008 or late 2007. It got him reading the 'Ice and Fire' series, and for that he is grateful. He also enjoys using Firefox's 'open-tab' function while browsing entries. He hopes he created this page the right way, as he's seen other people with their own pages. If he's done something wrong feel free to 'nuke' it.

He can understand and comment on things like Anime, Magic the Gathering, Shakespeare, Real Life Napoleonic History, and a few other things. You can tell what he likes because he tends to mention them in a trope. He thinks that they're all 'rather interesting'. He would like make a big list of all of them, but he'd feel somewhat guilty about putting up so many links on one page. So he'll stay modest. He also makes a point of getting grammer correct, but he's not a Grammer Nazi. He has made contributions to the following pages:



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